RaceFont free download available soon

Looking for unique responsive icon font to satisfy all your racing needs? Than look no further… Your ultimate RaceFont free download is here!

What is Icon Font?

Icon fonts are just fonts. However, instead of containing letters or numbers, they contain symbols and glyphs. You can style them with CSS in the same way you style regular text which has made them a popular choice on the web. Just like a vector – resizing and colour change with 0 quality lost or size gain. Icons are so 2012! If you want to build professional websites meet the ICON FONT – it’ll satisfy all your web-responsive needs.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design is the mantra for a successful Website today! Photos & text are not the only components of the design – icons can replace both and be nice & useful part of an amazing User Interface (UI). As great as these little images are, they present challenges in designing websites. They add file weight. They require additional http requests. They don’t scale well. They can be blocked… and suddenly the whole UI is falling apart. Sometimes the best solution for using images in a responsive design is not to use them at all. But if you want images & your website to be 100% responsive there is an easy solution – ICON FONT. There are many free sources where you can get these little cuties.

For more info about an Icon Fonts read – An Introduction to Icon Fonts with Font Awesome and IcoMoon


It’s all started with our LiveRacers project, Development of this online League Management System & Livetiming for racing simulators is still in progress. It’s our baby – growing & learning. Transforming not only on outside but inside as well. Pushing the boundaries. Learning & growing. So are we. The first & the last rule in the team of two is OPTIMISATION.

So we optimised! There are many of free sources of Icon Fonts – huge collections in a different designs & styles… but none of them covers our gaming – racing web page needs. Plenty of online tools allows you to create your own web font. So as a graphic designer I took up the challenge of creating my first Font – our RaceFont. What a joy! Not only a time but LIFE saving experience.

My special Thank you goes to Adobe Illustrator & IcoMoon founders & developers! They made this little racing collection of 97 icons – glyphs, possible & alive.

Thanks guys! Race. Develop. Improve.

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