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Fashion Confession

Fashion enthusiast with a shopping spree and small shoe addiction. Perhaps by trying to justify that, my outfit sometimes becomes my Project and me a Model :) Just like my good friend DB once said: “There is no better Model for your pictures, then Yourself…” So so true!

I love the relationship we have with our clothes, how they can help to shape our personality and represent certain stages of our lives. My Motto is “Design your life to live & love it”. And our outfit is first thing we design before we even think about the heavy meaning of that word. We are all designers and entitled to a choice of self-expression. Who cares what’s “IN” or “OUT” this year. Don’t join that look-alike crowd. Be your self that’s what is truly original. I’m not here to create a new fashion trend, Im here to share, inspire and encourage. Create your own unique style that suits your body, soul & lifestyle.

Beauty requires victims!

My mum use to say, when I complain about uncomfy shoes or my hair being done too tight. Soooo true. I wish to believe, what is pretty can be also comfy and what is comfy can be worn with style. Im trying avoid discomfort as it affects my mood, and waking up a furious monster! Unfortunately the shoes are my biggest enemy. I like them high but those are mostly not that cosy as I would like them to be haha.

Back in USSR

My grandma was our brilliant family tailor and Burda was her Bible! That magazine was the only connection with “western” fashion trends, back then. If you had a sewing machine your only worry was – Where to get the right textile… USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) was not the place for a fashion dreams… not place for any dreams (but this is another story). Once we managed to get our hands on the right cloth – we have had a full range of matching products from our granny! From perfectly fitted clothes, accessories to the matching toy’s clothes! It was simply Legend… wait for it… Dary! :))

Being brought up in the Arty family was all about the colours, imaginations & experiments! So I don’t follow theory that one should wear maximum of 2 colours in its outfit! Bullshit! If you are not a nun than you are safe to wear as many colours as you like (no matter the age)!


Although I have to confess, sometimes its me who is not able to deal with some trends and I quote: “OMG look what is she wearing?! That is just too much! Please shoot me if I ever buy anything like that!” :) Well guys! Im still pretty much alive, am I?! Maybe I’m a cat… chm. Alive and a proud owner of those long hated skinny jeans and UGGs! HAHA We should all try to avoid those extreme remarks, who knows what we’ll wear next year! :)

What is my style?

Do I have any? I like heels & trainers, skirts & trousers, jeans & dresses, colourful & smart, comfy & sexy. That’s Bilo Style :) But lets be honest, its not all that serious, sometimes I wear whatever jumped on me from the shelf in the morning :D My slogan is always the same – Don’t look, if you don’t like it! :)



My little addiction… I guess it’s a part of my OCD*, but it brings the intent in the whole outfit and feels kind of right :) On the other hand I also like to match what seems unmatchable at the first sight. Find a link, connection where no one else sees it. Little game.

Several times when I focused on something particular for my outfit – I didn’t succeed in getting it, at least not in the same year, HAHA. Then few months or years later suddenly it appears on the market, becomes trend even… but by then I’m already focused on something else :) So I’m hoping that one day those fashion designers can keep it up with me :)

Fashion Confession

I call London my home now, and it is one crazy place! Lot’s of unique stylish people everywhere. I don’t think its just a case of the wide market & mad sales opportunities. It’s more case of the freedom of expression and a strong spirit. Simply wear what the hell you want, when the hell you want! That’s London style! Who wouldn’t love it?!

I haven’t agreed to a Christian school dress code back in teenage years. Neither adapted to the office dress code. The body is yours, the choice of “covers” should be too! Mix or match. Old or new. Expensive or cheap. Show your spirit & spunk. Feel positive about your self and comfy in your own skin, that the first step! Who cares what is trendy look or body type (It may have changed by the time you finish reading this :)).

Mirina Collections – necklace Gemini

Recently I stumbled upon this and thought its a quite brilliant :)'s Photos
FCKH8 – A motto used by gay rights activists in a campaign against California’s Proposition 8. Loosely translates to “fuck hate”. I think they worth a click & support – …and now I have to think what I’m gonna buy :)

What a great present for my dear friend Lucy and her GF – “Some Chicks Marry Chicks” bands, love, love, love it :) It took ages to arrive from USA. But better late then never hah! Thxxx guys #FCKH8

“Always be Yourself. Unless you can be Batman.
Then be Batman.”
– Unknown

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  • Burda as I remember it in 1990 – precious magazine with lots of clothes inspirations & styles. Circulating between family and friends as a Bible! The only rule was that if you were lucky enough to get a travel visa + you are a female: Go and never come back OR at least come back with a BURDA magazine! :)
  • In 1949 Aenne Burda founded a fashion magazine printing and publishing company in her home town Offenburg. The same year she started publishing magazine Favorit, which was later renamed to Burda Moden. The first issue of Burda Moden magazine was published in 1950. She was married to a founder of the Burda Group – one of Germany’s largest media companies.

*OCD – Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Necklace: Mirina Collections – Buy online with 20% off! Use code: lesia20
Bands: FCKH8
Trainers: Aldo
Golden Heels: River Island
White Top: Zara
Bag: Accessorize
Glasses: Kyusu
Perfume & lipstick: Victoria Secret
Ring, headband & nail-polish: H&M
Earrings: Istanbul, Turky
Pearl necklace: Primark

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