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Food, Glorious Food

Finally one place for all my yummy treasures :) Next time someone asks me for a recipe, one will get just a link :D I want to introduce you to some Ukrainian and my own recipes, improvisations, food facts & tips. I love food and look forward to a new taste experience everyday.

I’m not a fan of any extreme diets or starving contests. I believe that quality ingredients & right preparation is the key to healthy eating. Im a foodie. I like to cook & experiment with ingredients. When possible I tend to do a lighter version of the meal, to enjoy multiple courses, rather than puffing after one greasy goodness :) Although we all have to clench our teeth into a fabulous greasy burger from time to time! Or reward ourselves with crispy pancakes with a lots of cream! Oh, yummy… I’m getting hungry! What about you?!

Will do my best to satisfy all those hungry mouths by variety of cuisines and ingredients. Extra info will be provided with each recipe, an approx. calorie count and some interesting facts. If you wanna keep an eye on your calories try this free app – MyFitnessPal.

What is Food?

It’s not just something that keeps us going and helps us to survive. The Food is something that tastes good and looks tempting. It’s an exciting daily experience and a moment of joy. What we eat affects our body, physical health and hand in hand it influences our mood! So I’m convinced that it deserves more of our attention. For me its all about – Taste that blows your mind away, not your weight (about this later… as diets are complicated & sensitive topic).

Food also brings people together. Dinners and brunches with F&F, BBQs in the parks or back gardens are always full of joy, laughter and incredible tastes. Great smell that commands your brain to get ready for feast is a best welcome in every house :)

Healthy Food

What the hell is that exactly? Some people think about “low calorie” meals, others a usage of “fresh” or “bio” ingredients. For me it’s a home-made food, prepared with love & care: from good ingredients to yummy results. What is it for you?

Let’s celebrate human ability to cook. Combine vegetables, meat, fish and fruits. Cut, mix & boil. Add some spice & salt to transform the feeding process into a small celebration for our eyes & taste buds. Create your own recipes from the ingredients you really enjoy. Food, Glorious Food is here to please not to tease :)

Wait! I want to take a picture first!

Yes, I’m that freak who takes pictures of the meals. I simply can not resist. I find it’s a unique type of still life images. There is no better combination – great look & amazing taste!

If you have some yummy recipes or experiences, don’t hesitate to share!

“The only time to eat diet food is while you’re waiting for the steak to cook.” – Julia Child, Chef & author

What is your favourite?

Often getting question about my fave food. That is one of the hoarders questions, as I simply love all food. Enjoying cooking & arranging food on the plate nicely. More I cook, travel & taste – more foods I discover & love. Im foodie who likes to enjoy every bite. Screw diet!


My favourite weekend brunch, great start of the long creative day!

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