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Improve your living – DIY

I’m a huge fan of an old saying “If you want a thing done well, do it yourself”. So I did! Habit of DIY runs in family. Process of improving makes me happy.

Leaving in rental flats since I was 8 years old. That makes 25 years of moving & living in all kinds of places… At some point the need of comfort & homey feeling overwhelms you and you don’t care about money & time. Improving feels good! Rental flats are not so cosy & nice as we see it on TV, but with a little bit of imagination we can make them our home :)

Improving of rental flats is not the best investment, I agree. But our living environment is really important. Our home, our comfort affects us every single day. Creative person with attention for a detail, is simply incapable to ignore old & broken surroundings. Graphic designer with OCD (obsessive compulsion disorder) would not for sure :) My motto is: “Design your Life, to Live & Love it.” This applies to all aspects of our lives. My message to tenants & owners – Improve your living – DIY – bit of paint won’t kill you! If you enjoy handy work & having tied budget, try it & enjoy difference.

Do It Yourself

DIY. Renovating flats, cottages, fixing & making own furniture is as natural as a cooking Sunday lunch in our family. (Partly affected by the fact of Soviet’s market lacking availability of furniture & other basic consumer goods). Feels great to see the result & I love it. Satisfaction & accomplishment. Have a look on this small transformation of my room in London…

White kingdom

Decided to make my room as whitest as possible & add colourful accessories. I’ve used 4 cans of white Dulux Once paint (bright white & covers better if you deal with non white base) for this room – walls & ceiling – 20 square meters. Few painting tips…


True facts about painting:

  • n.1: Once you start painting, you’ll discover another 20 things that needs fixing!
  • n.2: Add a bit of water into the paint if your wall is uneven.
  • n.3: Please don’t stop the music! Music will create a perfect mood & help you move.
  • n.4: Cover yourself as good as you can! But know – you will get dirty anyway! :)
  • n.5: No matter what, you HAVE to always trust your lather 100%!
  • n.6: Ceiling painting is for some weird reason simply EASIER!
  • n.7: Let it dry! Let it dry! Let it dry! …don’t waste your own work & paint.
  • n.8: Always buy a bit more paint than you think you may need!


Small Ikea shopping


Laud music, bottle of Rose & my friends are all I needed to make this transformation. So dark, boring & yellow room became the place of light & comfort :) Thank you Lucy & Stevo for your help! Improve your living & feel great anywhere you are. Hope new tenant will be happy there too.







“Design your Life, to Live & Love it.” – Bilo


Took me 2 days to paint, 1 day for shopping, 1 day to assemble the furniture. Cost around £300 (Plus the bean bag from Made). Felt great to do it all by myself. Worth every penny. Dark sad room transformed into my boudoir, my place, not just another room in another flat. For so many years I was dreaming of my own flat & how its going to look like… but life didn’t turn the way I planned. So after 25 years I can’t wait no more! I just want to Live & Love it… every minute of it!

Haha home improvement work always reminds me of TV series Home ImprovementIMDb 7,2 (1991–1999) :D Used to love these two :D


As my father use to say: “You can’t stop the progress!”. Improve & enjoy! Don’t wait for a future perfect house or special occasion – those may never come! Xxx

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