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MADE a home

As a new & proud owner of the bean bag, I would like to share how one great brand MADE my room more homey. A few weeks ago managed to find a great deal for an oversized bean bag with an Union Jack pattern! The MUST have of the year or what?! Made a home your kingdom!

My incredible throne short after arrival.

My incredible throne short after arrival.

Couldn’t decide on the colour at first but the Piggy Bag in a Union Jack was an ultimate winner! Was looking for the bean bag for a while now & then I spotted a great deal on, combined with a £10 voucher from the newsletter subscribing it costed me around 50 quid! More than fair to say it was the best deal on the market for the designer, high quality product. A price of a dinner or a few Friday drinks in London! Ohh yee!

Subscribe to the newsletter & get the latest deals + £10 voucher off your first order (provide your email address via pop-up window or in the dedicated section in the footer of their web).


Stylish & functional

Have to say I was surprised by the size as I overlooked “oversized” reference in all that excitement HAHA, but now I’m glad – it is like a sofa & armchair in one! I love my super comfy giant bag! Made from a colourful durable & water resistant material it’s great for indoors & outdoors. Moulds to fit your body shape for genuine comfort. Makes a great occasional seating for me & my guests but most of all its very stylish & amazing addition to any interior – like a good painting (Union Jack pattern is just timeless).


Fancy £15 off?

Promo code N6FH7IKI – £15 off your first order. With inviting friends you can get even more a £15 discount voucher every time a friend places a first order. Your friend will also get £15 off with the voucher code you give them. So its a Win-Win.


As it is with all designer stuff they are pricey (and totally worth it :p). But like with all brands a bit of browsing & fishing will guarantee a great deals & discounts.

About MADE is an online designer furniture retailer based in London, England that sells furniture. The company was co-founded by Ning Li and Brent Hoberman, together with Julien Callède and Chloe Macintosh.

What they say: “Our pricing – Without the middleman we connect you directly with designers, saving you up to 70% off prices at leading retailers – based on closest equivalent products in design & functionality, but which may differ in other respects, such as finishes and materials.” Learn more

I'm absolutely in love!

I’m absolutely in love!


Give it a try, browse offers today & see if you find your perfect piece to complete your home :)

Hope you enjoyed this one. Made a home anywhere you are, you are worth it! :) Thank you for your time! Xxx

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