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Rembrandted Aunt Lesia

Last week I had a pleasure of being a host in Rembrandted Kids atelier – the creative kingdom of Lucia Kruta, I became a Rembrandted Aunt Lesia.

Positive atmosphere & enthusiasm were like a feast for my hungry soul! Breakfast setting was inspiration for my eyes & delicious start of the day! Looks like a medieval feast, Yummy! What a great warm welcome :) Thxx


Blue period

Me in one of the most expensive paintings: Femme aux Bras Croisés, painted during Picasso’s Blue Period. What a great choice by Lucka, I’m definitely in the blue mood these days, but maybe not so blue as the Lady on the original by Picasso :)

The facts: Just after its creation the painting was bought by Gertrude Stein from Picasso. Later on, the painting was taken over by McCormick family who organized an auction at Christie’s Rockefeller in New York City and sold Femme aux Bras Croisés for $55,000,000 on November 8, 2000. The price of the painting made it as one of the most expensive paintings ever sold in an auction by then.


Face of freedom

After all that positive energy I absorbed from Lucka I felt more rebellious & strong. This time I became the part of Emma Uber’s painting (Australian painter). I wonder what inspired her… Great thing about art – it doesn’t need explanations, it has no rules & borders. We can all see what we want OR need to see. I see my beloved Ukraine with a “big brother” Russia always behind us…


Rembrandted Kids

A bit info about the Rembrandted Kids. It’s not “not just another” photo-blog for sure. Amazing creative idea was born about 5 years ago in Prague, Czech republic. Lucie Kruta, the blog’s author as a mother of three is spending her free moments on maternity leave the most creative way I ever seen! Playing with her children goes hand in hand with her work & passion for painting. Art inspires her play, while the play inspires her artwork. Thanks to an amazing imagination & patience of her kids it grew from hobby to something more.

“Most important is having fun!
In front of as well as behind the camera.”
– Lucie Kruta, artist, mother, photographer

If you like her work & you think about having your own photographs in style of Rembrandted Kids, or classic portrait photographs, feel free to contact her on or via phone on +420 737 386 088. Check also her blog – RembrandtedKids, FB profile & Behance portfolio.

I had such a great time & Im a part of art now :) Nothing can stop creativity! So go & be creative! Thx for your time guys Xxx

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