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Stay-busy bed rest Ideas

Few days in bed seems like a nice dream in the busy world we are leaving in. But once we are forced to stay & rest, we are bored! Why not use these days and do something fun or perhaps useful? Last week I spent in bed not feeling that well… have a look on few tips on How to Stay-busy in bed.

Either you caught a regular cold/flu, stomach bug, recovering after surgery, lying with a broken leg or having complicated pregnancy, either way you need to stay active. Your mind should ALWAYS stay active, healthy & bright :)

Stay-busy bed rest Ideas

Fight boredom with these creative, fun & useful ideas.

  • Hobby – For me its a Blogging of course :) Coding for software developers. Drawing, writing poems…
  • Movies / Series – If you need some inspiration check Must See Films 2013-15 list.
  • Online shopping – Xmas is around the corner, so why not do it now? Many Sales are on now, visit GAP, Boohoo, Asos, Select, RareLondon.
  • Reading – Best time to catch up on your reading. I prefer a good old paper book but having a copy on your smartphone or tablet is just so handy. Amazon offers a month free trial, visit Kindle Unlimited page or browse their entire catalogue.
  • Games – these days there is a plenty of options on smartphones, tablets, computers, PlayStation’s & online. Also old school card/board games if you have a playmate.
  • Learn something – Language, Online courses (Alison or Coursera), hold your breath, memorize useful telephone numbers or perhaps cooking.
  • Plan your holidays – Plenty of time to research, plan & booking.
  • Manicure, pedicure – if your arm or foot is not broken :)
  • Write some letters/cards – Remember those forgotten friends of yours, or distant family members you haven’t seen for a while.
  • Crafting, Scrap-booking, Photo-albums – Best time to organise all the photos, you store in those boxes for ages.


Caught a cold few weeks ago & chose to ignore it as a brave little soldier. In general I find it quite disturbing that cold/flu is kind of ignored at English workplaces. Coughing & sniffling all around you seems to be quite acceptable. One feels bad when decides to stay at home instead of spreading germs around. Keep sipping on that Lemsip / ginger tea in hope it will be gone soon. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Some guys tend to ignore symptoms or remaining consequences for months… quite hard to comprehend. At least 3 days of bed rest is what my mother told me. There is a Slovakian saying: “Iny kraj, iny mrav.” – “Different country, different habits.”. Be careful, an ordinary cold/flu may develop to pneumonia or you may become chronically ill (chronicle cough, snuffle). So take your time, don’t spread it around in the public transport or around the office. Theirs is a big range of cold/flu medicines on the market. Also lots of rest, vitamins (check out how Garlic can help) & fluids.

“Health is not valued till sickness comes.”
– Thomas Fuller, Clergyman

Spend 3 days in bed is quite a challenge for an active person. In the same time it was just what I needed to recover & catch-up on my sleep. Plenty of time to think but more importantly stay-busy :) Stay warm & take care of your self guys! Thanks for your time! See you soon Xxx

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