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The Office Group. Pop-up, meet, create.

Today Im writing to you from The Office Group’s pop-up space, near to the Old Street tube station, London. This free flexible co-working space was here for a whole month of October 2015. Offering everyone free place to work, meet or simply have a chat. This monthly project aimed to change the way how we look at the office & was great showcase of the company offer.




The Office Group. Pop-up, meet, create.

I think they hit the spot – attracting all kinds of people – random commuters, students, artist & city “office rats”. The place is buzzing with busy & interesting people. It was completely packed, but I managed to squeeze in today. They offer free WiFi, water, coffee, tea, fruit & snacks. What a treat! Open from 7:30am to 7pm.


Freelancers heaven

I spent some time working from home as a freelancer & I have to say – I was much more productive here – in my temporary office! :) Hope the images are showing the atmosphere. Smiley faces, pleasant music background, lots of MAC’s, phones are ringing, friendly talks – a proper creative atmosphere & ideal working place in my book. After 5 years spent in London offices it was refreshing experience. I hope the message of working environment importance spreads across, attracts & engage as much people as possible!





The Office Group

The Office Group are the leading provider of flexible co-working spaces. The main aim is to challenge outdated open spaces & fixed office places which no longer meet the needs of today’s employees. Their offer: Offices, Co-working, Meetings & Virtual offices. The Office Group currently has spaces in 29 buildings across London. What a cleaver way to respond to changing requirements of the modern workplace, create a flexible environment which offers support to workers, creating a sense of community & bring people together.



There is a piece of art in progress. Several artist are coming to create this unique painting, which will be hang in one of the The Office Group offices. Astonishing idea.

This part is a contribution from Isabella Timothy (web).

Microsoft Surface – work everywhere

Words can not express how satisfied I’m with this light & powerful gadget! Surface Pro 2 is ideal for people who live, work & connect on the go. Flexible working space & Surface are a great fit! All your files & apps always with you, with a long battery life you can feel confident to walk out the door without the charger. Today it was a great opportunity to test my Surface (best Microsoft product ever :p) in the field. I started on 100% – 4h 55min of battery life. Lets see what this magic box can do: Connected on WiFi, 10 open tabs in Firefox (Tweeter, Facebook, Word Press, Gmail, Google maps, Amazon), Photoshop… after 3 hours of work – 39% – 1h 34min of battery life left. Excellent performance.

So what are you waiting for? Find your next amazing office today! Join the revolution of work environment. Raise performance of your staff. Enjoy your work & grow your business.


“Employee should be friendly, flexible & well dressed. Why shouldn’t the working environment satisfy the very same requirements?”


Happy environment + happy thoughts = 1000% Productivity! Come & check what they have to offer for you or your business, only 2 more days… Lost of inspiration & creativity guys. Thanks for your time! Xxx

All pictures taken with iPhone6S

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