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Forget taxi, get Uber!

We all need a taxi service from time to time. In 2016, forget taxi, get Uber! I used to be quite frustrated by the idea of taking a cab alone at night. How to get all the important ingredients right? Best price. Security. Easy & fast approach. No need for cash. Be in control of your trip… and so on.

“No more walks of shame :)”

What’s Uber?

The idea that started a revolution in Taxi business! As more & more people are using taxi service everywhere around the world, one would think the prices will drop & quality of service increase. But quite the opposite, as it’s all about making money after all. In today’s online / mobile / app world, where you can buy, sell & make money online with one tap of your finger, it was quite inevitable that a taxi service ordering shouldn’t be THAT hard. Especially at night, after few drinks, in the cold & rain. No cash in you pocket & you still can get home safely & fast. No more walks of shame, after the wild night :)

The old fashion taxi services are against this revolution. Understandably, Uber attacked their safe money machine. But Uber has simply adjusted to the today mobile world. So should the rest of taxi companies :)

Forget taxi, get Uber!

The Uber has a very best service & amazingly easy app. Saving money, helps you get home faster & safer anytime, almost everywhere around the world! All you need is an app on your phone & internet connection. Use link below to get your first ride for FREE! Share with friends & get yourself more free rides or credit with Uber!

It’s like a taxi, but way better — no cash necessary! Just click the link or use my code — 9gefc — to sign up and get up to £10 off your first ride. Plus, I’ll get £10 off too.

How it works?

Download an Uber app. Create an account, fill in your credit card info, and you are ready to RIDE!

Order a Car: Use the iPhone or Android app to request a ride. Set up a pick-up point & destination, choose type of the car. It will show you locations of all closest cars, you can even see the estimated price & pick up time. Request the car. Uber will show you type of the car & driver name. Driver can call you to confirm your location.

Your Driver Comes to You: Sit back and relax. They’ll text you when your Uber arrives.

Hop in & Hop out: Get in, double-check location & enjoy your ride! After arriving at your destination, they’ll charge your credit card on file & email you a receipt.

You can later double-check details of your journey & contact Uber in case of any issues. Costumer service is super fast & nice. They will do quick refund or correction.

“No stress, No cash, No hustle.” – Uber

Request when you’re ready to ride

Pickups are strictly on-demand, so NO reservations in advance. Just open the app a little bit in advance of when you need to leave & request a car. Easy peasy.

Estimate your fare

You can get a fare estimate for your trip right in the app. Yeey! No surprises!

Became a Partner

You can also became Uber driver see this link for more info. To get help you need to make great money with completely flexible hours. Sign up now to receive more information!

My PROMO CODE – 9gefc

Once you have your app & account – you will get your own code – spread the word, get free rides for you & your friends! Enjoy!


So what are you waiting for?! Get the Uber app NOW! Use this link to get a free ride or credit. Ore simply use – 9gefc reward code in Promotion section, to get your free ride.

So far I used it in London, New York, Miami, Prague… Uber is in 383 cities worldwide. I can confirm that in these locations the prices where incomparable. Drivers polite, friendly & happy to advice. Exceptional service. Everything is on your mobile & you don’t need to worry about cash! For more info – visit

Get home safe & easy! Get Uber app! Be smart. Be safe & save. Xxx


  1. Hi,
    I see you are based in Prague, so I got hint/advice to you about another service for safe top quality travels around the town:
    Try Liftago
    It`s a taxi app which allows you to place order for your ride and get instantly real offers from cabs around you. The option to choose – what kind of car, by rating of the driver, by price is the main difference. Cashless payment available too :)
    Give it a try with promocode NEJTAXI which will give you first ride for free (up to 400 CZK) :) and let me know your feedback if you wish – dusan (at)

    • Thank you Dusan! I will definatly give it a try, but Im very happy with before & after service Uber is providing… hard to imagine that it can beat it :) Will let you know! Have a wonderfull sunny day.

      • Well, Liftago may be cheaper many times (especially when the traffic is slower – you pay for every minute you are in uber car no matter if you are moving or not) it`s generally quick to arrive, drivers know the city and you have choices. Ordering a uber (or standard taxi) is little bit of a lottery :) but give it a try and see for yourself.

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