Balloon project

Few weeks after the Valentine’s day, in the early Saturday hours while looking on balloons levitating near the sealing a great idea was born for a Valentine themed photograph & little essay What is LOVE? No rain or clouds on London sky… how unusual. Even a bit of sunshine here and there, that must be faith.

Let’s get creative – 3 balloons filled with helium captured on a brick wall background! That’s sound easy…
To prevent balloons from flying away, I tided them up to the shoes. Camera ready. Tripod too. Let’s go outside to that great spot just across the street. Met few neighbors on my way, probably returning home after the party night, who knows what went through their heads :D
Started to arrange my photo scene… well not so fast young lady! I forgot about endless remorseless London’s WIND!!! So I arranged my balloons, got camera ready and what a scene… I stayed there laughing as I watched the balloons hit the floor the second I stepped away! :) My simple idea to do a quick photo-shoot was literally blown away :D

After initial disappointment my brain adapted, so I started to improvise. I tried few locations, changed positioning and waited around for a quite some time… The result: I managed to get single image which was just about right and around 300 misfits! Haha video it is then! Now those balloons will stay alive forever :)

My thoughts behind it all…

Why the Balloons?

Well apart from the obvious “I love you” sign, shape & color. Balloons are perfect representation of that precious vulnerable feeling called LOVE. Just a thin bit of plastic filled with air or helium… But yet it can bring you joy & happiness! We have to protect it from the sharp outside world in order to enjoy it for longer.

Why the Shoes?

At first it was just something that will keep those balloons in place. But then when I had a second look I realized its also a display of the relationship. Man & woman, man & man, woman & woman – regardless of the shape the inside is what matters the most. Don’t quite get all the fuss around the homosexual relationships… Is it better to pretend, suffer & lie or eventually hurt someone by all that hidden rage?

No matter the gender – our feelings are swept away in the wind. As much we fight and try, its simply stronger then we are most of the time. Most of us just go with a flow, some of us fight it. Certainly its one of those things which we can not fully control, just like the wind & UK weather :) Sometimes its a beautiful like a dance of two hearts entwined, for some it’s a solo flight of independence.


Relationships are like photography – It’s harder than it seems. Good camera, amazing scene or object, an eye for good snapshot is never ever enough. But its a great experience and practice of problem solving & patience!

Thanks for reading & give a kiss to someone you love!

Have a look on the short clip: Love in the Wind :)

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