Hi, I’m a graphic designer, food lover & shopaholic. Welcome to my website devoted to: Food, Fashion, Fornicating, Fun & Creative(M)ess.

As a photographer enthusiast & designer I felt an urge to be creatively free, to share useful info & inspire. This site is my diary with stories & ideas that matter to me & hope to you too. My aim is to: Reflect on different topics. Take pictures. Play with colours & shapes. Share memories & experiences. Promote new brands. Perhaps start a discussion… and have a creative fun.

I’d like to believe that everything has its reason and purpose. And that sometimes we can push our destiny in the right direction. This project for example, forced me (after years of owning a Canon DSLR Camera) to really learn how to use its full capabilities. The process of pictures’ taking makes me happy and I have a thing for still images. It’s so great how we can capture a perfect moments in our life. Thanks God for inventing camera phones & Instagram! All those unimportant objects may become a part of the design & simply be art. Im fascinated by strong colours and see beauty & inspiration where others see garbage. :) Someone once told me: “You have an ability to make the ordinary things to stand out”. Well I think that an inspiration & special occasions are everywhere we let them to be!

I mixed all my favorite ingredients:

  • Fashion – clothes, inspiration, jewellery, shopping & style. The stuff that money can buy & make you smile. Read my Fashion Confession.
  • Food – experiments, facts, recipe & health. Yummy for your tummy. Read more about my relationship with the food – Food, Glorious Food.
  • Fornicating – love, addictions, body&mind, motivation, relationship & self-esteem. What can truly fuck with our hearts & heads. What is Love? is my first addition to this section.
  • Fun – film, art, music, fit, gadgets, lifestyle & travel. To make you smile, dance & happy.
  • Creative(M)ess – design projects, identity, photo, print & web. Projects, inspiration & art.

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I wish to share my stories, thoughts & ideas. I can talk a lot but let’s be honest there is never enough vine & time to say everything! So why not to write it all down? As few of my friends mentioned: “You should write a book!” :) well lets start small – lets write a BLOG.

My Motto is “Design your life to live & love it” and as a graphic designer I found that Designing reflects in all aspects of my life.

Feel free to contact me (lesia.biloshytska@gmail.com) or simply leave a comment. Enjoy guys & don’t forget to smile! xxx

“We are all designers of our lives! Design your life to live & love it!” – Bilo

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PS: English is my fourth language – too far from native :) I hope despite that, you will enjoy this blog & be kind to my grammar. I intend to improve on this matter. If you do have any strong opinions on this, please contact my best ever English teacher, awesome human being & best cook in the whole world Isaac! Or better visit his DirtyDog bar & grill in Prague and I can promise you – you will be fluent in all kind of languages by the midnight :)

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