I’m a designer, food/travel lover & passionate improver. My Motto is “Design your life to live & love it!” as design can be applied in all parts of our everyday life.

As a photographer & designer I felt an urge to be creatively free & to share info I find useful or hard to come by. This site is my diary, sharing memories & experiences. Opportunity to discuss, reflect… and have a creative fun.

I’d like to believe that everything has its reason & purpose. We can push our destiny in the right direction.
I’m fascinated by colors & curious about story behind the process. I see potential project everywhere & that’s what keeps me motivated & excited about life.

My fave topics:

  • Fashion – clothes, inspiration, shopping & style. Read my Fashion Confession.
  • Food – recipes, facts & health. Read more about my relationship with the food – Food, Glorious Food.
  • Life – love life, motivation, relationships, entertainment, art, lifestyle & travel.
  • Creative(M)ess – my portfolio, design projects.

“We are all designers of our lives! Design your life to live & love it!” – LesiaBilo

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Feel free to contact me (lesia.biloshytska@gmail.com) or simply leave a comment. Enjoy guys & don’t forget to smile! xxx

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