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Prague Design Week 2017

prague design week

At the beginning of April, I visited a fourth international design festival Prague Design Week 2017. I was surprised that it was much smaller than Prague Design Week 2016, or at least it felt like it. However still full of unique designs!

Prague design Week 2017 was held in the four floors of the Dancing House, on the waterfront of the Vltava river. Visitors could see around 82 designers, studios, schools, producers, artists, jewelers & fashion designers. Once again this event was a selling exhibition. Admission Fee with Guide was on sale at the entrance during the event (150 CZK).

Interiors of Dancing House are just perfect for this kind of event. 1 place, 7 days, 82 designers. Many of the faces were familiar from 2016… Inspiring to see people behind the designs. People like you & me, your neighbor or a girl next door. Artists & designers are not always extravagant freaks or introvert geeks. :D Well enough talking. Have a look what caught my eye this year. Welcome to the world of design, inspiration, & innovative ideas :)

Prague Design Week 2017

The curators have selected over 82 exhibitors who were showing & selling their products, ideas & uncovering the process of creation. Workshops, lectures & Design Cinema was also available.

“Design is not just what it looks like & feels like. Design is how it works.”
― Steve Jobs, American entrepreneur, businessman, inventor & industrial designer

A great day out, lots of good vibes & inspiration, thanks to all the exhibitors. I got this cute, funny book from Booktherapy – Man meets Woman, by Yang Lin. Funny true about Man & Woman in simple graphics will make you smile. And the most hilarious picture from Printka in collab with Adidas.


Whether you are a designer, an art lover or a random visitor, I hope that you have found your favorite pieces & be sure to visit Prague Design Week 2018!
Ivan Jurečka

Thanks for stopping by on BiloBlog & enjoy spring.

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