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Prague Design Week 2016

Last week Prague held a Prague Design Week 2016. I almost forgot about it thanks to a busy schedule & beautiful weather :) But curiosity kicked my ass.

So I headed there on Sunday, the last day. I imagined a warehouse space, exhibition, however, it was held in the 4 floors building, at the heart of the Prague’s old town. Not far from the Astronomical Clock (Orloj), excellent position to attract tourists :) Huge collection of ideas. Once I have my own apartment, I’m gonna steal some ideas :) It was like a Designer magazine in a real life. So many ideas, inspiration & new inventions in one place. Many designers were showing their work “in progress”. It’s great to see that all that wonder is created by someone’s hands, so are unique & original. Inspiring to see people behind the designs. People like you & me, someone who we meet on the street, maybe your neighbour or a girl you met in the library. Not all artists and designers extravagant freaks or total geeks. :D

Well enough bragging. Images can speak for them selves. Welcome to the world of imagination & brilliant ideas :)

Prague Design Week 2016

The third year of international design exhibition Prague Design Week 2016, was held 2-8 May 2016 in Kafka’s house in Prague. The curators have selected over 93 exhibitors who were showing their new products, ideas & uncovering the process of creation. Workshops, lectures and Design Cinema was also available.

Great creative atmosphere! Many thanks to all involved. Whether you are a designer, an art lover or a random visitor, I hope that you have found your favourite pieces & be sure to visit Prague Design Week 2017!

So now I’ll go to meditate on what I could create, worth displaying :D Thanks for stopping by on BiloBlog & enjoy the sunshine.

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