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What is LOVE?

The other day I was cheeling with The Kook’s Seaside song, and it made me think. WHAT IS LOVE? The ultimate question of all times. There are many kinds…

Child Love

Its pure and spontaneous. Love which appears in all aspects of their lives – the way they love their parents, their favourite toy, best friend, puppy or ice-cream. They are not burdened with any memories, speculations, money, responsibility, “what if” questions, future and public expectations. Trails of selfishness are quite innocent and short. Child Love is a unique love in its own way. Its fresh, natural & beautiful – like the magic dust from all those fairy tales… we all should save some of it, for adulthood life :)

Parent Love

Is much more complicated, sometimes don’t even comes naturally, as it’s a human nature to fight against all what can change or affect the way we live. But naturally is Parent Love protective, careful, worrying, strong and unbreakable. In some point this love have even ability to make parents blind to mistakes or needs of their precious one. Sometimes it can be affected by their own need of realization or unfulfilled dreams. Either way it’s the kind of love that most of us had or should had experienced. Sometimes we are annoyed by it, sometimes we are under pressure of disappointment but most of the time it should be our safe heaven. Our safety net in our minds & hearts. One of the kind which survive even a death. Like a steal.


It was there from the beginning or its developing how time goes by. Either way the good news is – we all have it! It’s the trickiest of all – as it’s a hard to maintain objectivity toward ourselves. It’s very questionable what is just a self-love or self-pride and when it tend to turns into a selfishness or narcissism even. Unlike previous types it varies and changes all our life, however we should take good care of it and don’t underestimate its importance and need. Self-Love should be like a mirror, we use it but don’t spend all time in-front of it.

Friend Love

It’s a most, lets say, optional one. It’s not only affected by our nature, lifestyle and life circumstances but also by open mind. It doesn’t come so naturally but it does affects us in so many ways. It lies in the very nature of our human need to communicate and socialize. It’s about trust, understanding and some kind of connection that make us feel not alone. Having fun, laugh, to share, to compare and discuss. The danger lies in ability to recognize when its mutual and that expectations are not over our head as the combination of this love and sexual attractiveness often leads to Romantic Love. The border line between Friendship and Relationship is thin like an early winter ice (but that’s separate topic). It’s just like a founding a jewel – its perfect & free.

Romantic Love

It’s on our wish-list since forever and yet it is so hard to find it and preserve it. Most desirable and wanted feeling of all times. Like a magic drug, hard to get and so easy to get a hooked on! It’s like a founding that last piece of puzzle that is missing in our perfect image. Our soul-mate we all hoping to find. Does he exist? Is it possible? To love someone unconditionally, stick with the person for better or for worse, see the bright side of everything, keep positive attitude, encourage and support and yet keep the intimacy level… We all have our own dreams what mister right and miss perfect should look like. In my mind it’s should be first of all “soul love”. When you love someone’s brain – you love the way how that person thinks, look at the life, making decisions and so on… Than you put aside an external appearance, a bank statement or religion. You can simply see through all of that. And it fills you with calm, trust and understanding, which cannot be explained or learned in million years!

And we can go on and on… What kind of love have you experienced?

What is Love for me?

L – loyal, laughter, link
O – open, orgasmic
V – vulnerable, vital
E – empathy, enthusiasm, euphoria, excitement, empower, eternity

It’s something beautiful, joyful but so gentle (just like the balloons in the wind). One day it’s there but it can be gone in seconds. We should all cherish and honor this gift from the universe.

See more about the Balloon project in the section Creative(M)ess.

myMood song: Seaside – The Kooks

The Kooks – Inside IN inside OUT – This was their debut album (2006), is melancholic in such a sweet way! Full of songs “catchy as hell”. The Kooks is a British rock band formed in Brighton, UK (2004). Read more on Wikipedia or just get their album on iTunes :)


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