POP backgrounds

Make your desktop POP! Get a funky colorful, popcorn background on it! While I was taking pictures for the Must See Films 2013-15 post I became a bit obsessed with the popcorn. That’s how a set of POP backgrounds was born – refresh your PC, laptop or tablet. Download a full package of colourful variations, it’s absolutely FREE. Choose, Pick & Enjoy. I was...

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Feelings of Desperation

I took these with an iPhone years ago… just a little play with the face, make-up & after-effects. Looking at them now, the best title comes up on my mind is Desperate Housewife, except I don’t have either of those (husband or house). Nevertheless they are pretty much a reflection of my darkish inner side. The world ain’t all sunshine & rainbows all the...

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Love in the Wind – Balloon project

Few weeks after the Valentine’s day I woke up, early Saturday morning – looking on the balloons levitating on our sealing and a great idea was born for my What is LOVE? article! Looked outside on the London sky – Yeey no rain! Even a bit of sunshine here and there… Perfect! Lets do it! Project – 3 balloons filled with helium on the...

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An integrated corporate identity, which includes a logo, business cards, letterhead, signs, flyers, website, emails, presentations, is not only a customer's first impression of your company, but the thread that ties all your consumer-facing interactions together and communicates to your market who you are and what you stand for. The first step to creating an effective, memorable CI is to clearly and concisely verbalize...


Even in today’s world of social media and internet presentations, print media is still alive! Nothing can replace the smell of a freshly printed publication, the feeling of paper structure, or the weight of a book in your hand.


I'm an artist and graphic designer with HTML and CSS knowledge. This means that, aside from design work, I'm also able to liaise with developers and programmers to ensure that the finished product conforms to the client's wishes rather than technical constraints.


Drawing and painting is still my thing, and has always been my passion, but these days it's just for drafts and doodles. The monitor is my canvas now! Between projects, I get creative with vector illustrations for photobanks. This lets me enjoy the freedom and range of colours of designing my own ideas. It's the best way to take a break from brands and...