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Pink Parcel

My first Bloggers Hangout during the London Fashion Week 2015 was an amazing experience. The event was hosted on the second floor of the Beach Blanket Babylon bar, Shoreditch. Received many goodies & lovely beauty products! Now its time to return the favour and have a close look at those. Pink Parcel its a first on the list.

So what is a Pink Parcel?


A box full of helpful goodies, beauty products & a little treats all wrapped with a lovely touch into this incredible box. I really wish there was one of those when I was a teenager, so I have something more to look forward than time of pain & embarrassment. Pink Parcel guys came up with the most fantastic idea of pampering girls & women in their most vulnerable time of the month. It’s simply a gift from heaven. Why not pamper your self when you need it the most? You can pick & choose your favourite brands or try something new, set up your dates & enjoy it. A different choices of the most popular brands will keep you excited each month.

Honestly I think it would be a great present from a long-term boyfriend or husband perhaps (a nice thought of how to make your girl smile :) ).


How does it works?

No1 – select a brand. They supply all your favourite brands so you won’t have to change a habit of a lifetime.
No2 – tell your dates. Let them know when your period is due. They’ll then work out the day to dispatch this to you.
No3 – receive the parcel. Receive your products and treats 3-5 days before your period starts each month.
No4 – and relax!. Now it’s time to pamper yourself and make your time of the month a little bit lovelier.

What an amazing idea how to turn your time of the month into your Gift Time.

This little black bag is the most handy & super cute thing ever!




Now you can shop some of the Pink Parcel favourite treats in the new online shop. #PPLFW

I had some hair bands and a necklace with an arrow in mine! I’m a Sagittarius so it’s like it was hand-picked specially for me! LOVE IT! So what are you waiting for? Pink Parcel – it’s a monthly thing… why not looking forward to it for a change? :)

“I love my period!” said no one ever… until now!


A huge thanks to a BLOGGERS HANGOUT for all the presents, fab vibes & tonnes of blogging inspiration. And thank you guys for you time! Xxx


  1. This event was so amazing, I literally had so much fun. It sounds crazy but it was so nice to have a whole event dedicated to women things haha! Great photographs, and yes it is such a good idea for all the long-term partners to gift this to their special lady! Will definitely put them in their good books around this crazy hormonal time… I look forward to the rest of your posts!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog!

    Grace x

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