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Shopping on bloody Sunday

A lovely sunny Sunday a perfect time for shopping. As a kid I used to hate Sundays, they meant the end of fun & freedom. Don’t feel that way any-more, instead I always try to make the most of these free days. All main roads in central London were closed, for the final race of Aviva Tour of Britain, so we were forced to walk and that’s when these pictures were taken. A little photo-shoot, on our way to the shopping heart of London – Regent street.

Shopping on bloody Sunday

A lovely shopping day & dinner, turned into an episode of “911”. We witnessed an accident & a crime later that night. But let me start with the shopping first. Regent & Carnaby streets are definitely most stylish shopping places with a real London vibe & atmosphere. Unlike Oxford street when hungry crowds of tourists could drive you mad in seconds. Avoid busy Oxford street if you don’t like to get your “hands dirty”! A bit of history lesson: Part of Oxford street is still owned by Queens College Oxford, that’s how it got its name. Although an actual college (founded in 1341) is on High Street in Oxford. Beautiful old English town – my TRIP tip.

I disliked red colour for years (some kind of revolting association with a Soviet union’s flag) but lately I fell in love with the colour of fire, blood & anger. It adds character & power to an everyday dress or night out outfit! Green is known as a colour of hope, calm & nature. Red & Green are complementary colours that are opposite each other on the colour wheel, that makes them a perfect couple. So different & yet complete each other.


Enjoy my Red & Green outfit and such a precious London September sun :)

Waiting for the bus can be such a fun.





Doughnut aid before the war of shopping.

Meanwhile outside :) Read more about Britain’s national Tour and the UK’s highest ranked cycle race here.

Carnaby street offers a great choice of shops & pubs.

My brand new red scarf from Zara – stylish & warm goodness.

Now Shhhh I’m busy shopping!

…bloody Sunday

Walking down the street toward Oxford circus tube station, we witnessed an accident. An old man unexpectedly fell on the ground & cracking his head. I noticed that his hands were still in the pockets – so he had not the slightest idea of what is gonna happen. While rushing towards him we realize, he is bleeding through his ears. Paralysing experience really. A small group of people formed quickly around him. We called an ambulance, an old couple from Norway were assisting him while the ambulance arrived. With the roads closures caused by race – that must have been a challenge. I really hope he is ok…

Later on that evening, we witnessed a car being damaged by a couple of guys in the dark alley. The only thing that stacked in my mind was a long knife penetrating a wheel, as light was reflecting from it. Scary & unsafe feeling. Brrr. So after years of Big city life I suddenly experienced crime way too close to my skin. Well I guess one can never know what is waiting for him around the corner… Be aware of surrounding & take care!

Thanks for your time hope you enjoyed my style post & crime report. Be safe & see you soon! Stay out of troubles! Xxxx

I’m wearing: Shirt & sweater – H&M, leggings & heels (buy here) – River Island, glasses – Primark, bag – Aldo.. Brand new scarf – Zara (buy here).

Photos taken with smartphone Nokia Lumia by SZ, big Thank you! Xxx

TIPs: Actually it was a bit of a struggle to remember emergency numbers.

Emergency numbers

  • UK – 999 (Non-emergency numbers – 101 police, 111 NHS, Online – POLICE.UK or MPS)
  • EU – 112
  • USA – 911


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