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Sponge cake à la Slovakia

Soft & creamy heavenly taste in just a few easy steps. Would you like to make a cake and don’t event touch a flour or the oven? Are you craving something refreshing, fruity & creamy? Do you love fruit & soft pastry? Well then this recipe is exactly what you are looking for.

Made my first Sponge cake as a 10 year-old, back in Slovakia and I was pretty proud of my self. And I’m spreading this great & easy recipe of this dreamy goodness ever since. I have to say, that even after all those years I spent in my Grandma’s kitchens, I haven’t developed the “baking sense” for some reason! It’s just way too complicated, time-consuming and even with my best efforts I never got the right results! Hate failing, especially if you end-up hungry and the food & money go to waste, so I gave up. For years now, NO-BAKE desserts served me just alright. Enough talking, let’s try this delicious Sponge cake à la Slovakia recipe, over a long Bank holiday weekend, shall we? :)

Cost: £15 / Time: 30 min / Serves: 8 / Total calories: 3500 (440/person) / Contains: Milk


2 packs of sponge biscuits (2x200g)
2 large bananas
Blueberries (200g)
Strawberries (300g)
3 cups of sour cream (3x200g)
1 natural yogurt (500g)

OR: Low-fat natural yogurt for lighter version / Soya yogurt for vegetarians.
Extras: honey/chocolate powder/jam/syrup or sugar, water/milk

Knife, spoon, glass bowl OR plastic container, cutting board or plate

Same as with soups & salads – amount of ingredients are adjustable to your liking. Having a bit more ingredients, is better than rushing to the shop in the middle of cooking process :). Try & see what is the best exact amount of ingredients and container that suits you best.

I suggest making yourself comfortable, best in the living room with Tv or good speakers – as its gonna take a while (put some music on or your favourite film). Unpack everything on the table close to your reach. Mix 2 of the sour creams with a bit water or milk (thin mixture), CAREFUL not too watery! One sour cream with yogurt (thick mixture). Add some honey/chocolate powder/jam/syrup or sugar – fully up to your preferences. For a nice serving effect best to alternate layers of white and coloured mixtures. Wash berries, pill bananas, have a glass of vine :)

Now you may proceed with your creation – the base – a first layer should be always made of sponge biscuits covered with the thick mixture. Cut bananas – slice off round thin coins by cutting it crosswise. Same with strawberries. To achieve a delicate taste, slices should not be thicker than 2-3mm. Place fruits evenly over the cream layer, covering a whole area. Try to make layers as even as possible. After maximum 2 of fruit layers cover it with a thinner mixture (covering all the gaps). Repeat this steps until you fill the container almost to the brim. Make sure that the last layer is a thick mixture. Now you can unleash your imagination and decorate, with the rest you the fruits, chocolate, honey or jam.

Tadaaa, DONE but don’t get too excited, you have to cover up, this creation of perfection, and put it in the fridge. Hah painful after all that effort I know! In order for layers to blend nicely leave it in the fridge at least over night, although 24h is better. The only problem is, that tomorrow you will wish that you have made MORE of it, that’s my promise!

Sample: My cake layers – sponge biscuits – thick mixture – banana – strawberry – thin mixture – sponge biscuits – chocolate mixture – banana – blueberries – thin mixture – sponge biscuits – thick mixture – fruit decoration.



  • The best it looks in a big glass bowl for sure – when all layers are nicely visible. Go for it if you are expecting guests.
  • Depends on the size and types of dishes – serve it cold & cut it OR just grab the spoon & dig in!


  • an empty sour cream cups or any plastic containers with a lid from the take-away are great, because you can than enjoy the cake at work or give it to you friends and don’t worry about return of your precious Tupperware
  • Tupperware – plastic food containers
  • careful don’t make a thin mixture too watery
  • add honey/chocolate powder/jam/syrup or sugar to the mixtures if you have a sweet tooth or if the fruit is not sweet enough
  • add depth and flavor to your cake with a bit of strong cold coffee OR a bit of rum
  • in case fresh fruit is not available – use canned fruit
  • basically any soft fruit that you can cut into a nice thin pieces is suitable – kiwi, canned pear/pineapple/apple etc…

For calorie-counters:
Well 3500cal. or 3000cal., forget about that for now, close your eyes, turn off your brain and enjoy this fruity soft goodness :) Fruit is good!

“Love is like a good cake; you never know when it’s coming, but you’d better eat it when it does!” – C. JoyBell C., writer

myMood song: Best Of Bob Marley
While I was making a cake I heard it in the radio and it brought me in such a good mood. Good old Bob, makes everyone relaxed. Its 1h 40min long mix, so it’s should give you plenty of time for preparation and cleaning :)

I’ve used round sponge biscuits made by Czech company “Opavia”. In Czech and Slovakia they are called “Piškoty”. You can find them in London as well, in Polish or Czech/Slovakian shops in North London.

This delicious sponge biscuits are basically melting in your month. That’s why they are also called Children sponge biscuits – babies with no teeth love to mumble on them. Once you start chewing those, you simply can’t stop :) History of “Opavska” factory begins in 1840, when the local weaver Kaspar Melhior Baltasar Fiedor with his wife founded the company called “Fiedor” producing wafers, including wafers with a round shape, unique back then. Now known as a “Fidorka“, one of mine favourite and still on the market btw. Impressive! Small, round, crunchy, chocolate thingy… mmm, YumYum!

Thank you for reading guys. With or without the cake enjoy a bank holiday in UK! xxx

Round sponge biscuits, bananas, strawberries, blueberries, sour cream, honey, glass bowl, soup cups from our canteen.


  1. Well I’ve had the pleasure of tasting this fruity cake made by the extremely talented chef herself, and to be quite honest, I have no idea what I’m doing here – in the comment box – there are simply no words to describe how heavenly delicious this colourful, light, dreamy piece of paradise is. And take it from someone who always thought that anything without chocolate in it is just boring. And no, I’m not being this nice because I’m hoping I’ll get another piece as a reward (although….HINT!) I will definitely be making this myself, maybe for my friends, but surely for myself! Oh, and as alarming as this may sound to all diet-conscious people – I had this for breakfast, and it was the best breakfast ever! Thank you Les and I’m already looking forward to the next time…;) xx

  2. Hello This is Mickey.
    Mickey eat that cake.
    Cake was totes amazeballs!!!!

    Now seriously – you guys who like spending time in the kitchen should deffo give it a go. I’m afraid me and Miss Kitchen are not a big friends, hence I will not be able to produce that amazing cake myself but I bet if you book yourselves in advance my dearest friend and the Mother of this blog Lesia will be able to make one for you ;-)

    So as the cake so is she he he – Yum!

  3. Bilo says

    Ooooh, Thanks girls!! Its like a heavenly music to my ears! I guess I should feed you more often! :)
    I may use you as my test buddies… I will feed you with some of mine delicacies & you can fill my blog with encouraging & funny comments! Win, win!

    BTW guys dont be shy – share your photos / experience with me, once you try this recipe.

    Ms. Kitchen & Mr. Canon will be very busy couple in upcoming months! :)

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