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Carrot salad

Traditional Ukrainian carrot salad with mayo. Small side dish, for those who are not afraid of garlic – healthy, tasty and easy to make. Why not to try it next time with your toast or Sunday lunch?

Cost: £10 / Time: 15 min / Serves: 2 / Total calories: 200 / Contains: Nuts


3 Carrots
1 clove of Garlic
2 Walnuts
3 tbsp of Mayo

OR: Use a natural yogurt or vegan mayo.

Peeler, knife, fine grater, garlic press, cutting board, bowl, spoon

Peel the carrots, grate them into bowl, press in one medium-sized garlic clove, add chopped/crushed walnuts, mix it all up with Mayo. And voilà your salad is ready. Easy as that!
(Salt & black pepper – optional)

Serving options:
Cold, as a garnish with meal, or as a side with your sandwich. Decorate with parsley leafs.


For calorie-counters:

  • Classic mayo 3 tbsp = 100kcal
  • Natural yogurt 3 tbsp = 40kcal
  • Vegan mayo 3 tbsp = 300kcal
Carrot salad with a lots of mayo, as a garnish with some crispy roast chicken & boiled potatoes.

Carrot mayo salad, peeler, knife, fine grater, garlic press, bowl, spoon

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