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The Most Common Medical Billing Errors & How to Avoid Them

Hi to all my friends in USA! Came across this useful info about Medical billing errors recently, so wish to share it with you guys. Hope it helps.

The Most Common Medical Billing Errors and How to Avoid Them

When working with medical bills, it is hugely important for you to minimize any processing and coding errors whilst filing claims. Since healthcare providers receive the largest percentage of their revenue through processing successful claims, any errors and mistakes you make could result in serious cost consequences for yourself and your employer. In this guide, we’ll explain the various things that you should do in order to avoid the most commonly made errors and help to keep the numbers of denied and rejected claims to a minimum.

Denied and Rejected Claims: The Difference

Knowing the difference between rejected and denied claims when carrying out medical claims auditing is crucial. A denied claim is one which an insurance company has determined to be unpayable, with reasons for this typically being explained in the Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) which you will find attached to the claim. For the most part, denied claims are often due to missing information or common billing errors, although some are denied due to patient coverage. In some cases, it’s possible to appeal and reprocess a denied claim. On the other hand, a rejected claim is such due to errors. An insurance company is likely to reject a claim due to incorrectly inputted patient or billing information, for example. Once these errors are amended, a rejected claim can then be reprocessed.

Common Claim Filing Errors

When you are processing a large number of claims per day, it can become easy to overlook certain parts of a claim and make errors. By being able to identify some of the most common claim filing errors and mistakes that are made, it will be easier for you to try and avoid making them yourself. When filing a claim, some of the most commonly made mistakes include inputting wrong or misspelled information for the provider, patient or insurance provider, inputting the wrong codes or confusing different codes, entering too many or not enough digits for various codes, inputting mismatched treatment and diagnostic codes, or failing to input certain codes completely. Since every piece of information on a claim must be accurate in order for it to be correctly processed, it’s vital to understand the mistakes that are easy to make and understand how to avoid making them.

Catching Errors Early

In order to avoid common errors made in medical billing and claims, it’s crucial that you stay vigilant at all times on your end. Thoroughly reviewing superbills and consulting with a doctor or other health professional if you have any questions about what should and shouldn’t be billed can help to avoid errors and mistakes in claims long before they are sent to an insurance company, saving time, cost and hassle. Double-checking all patient and medical provider information before filing a claim and coordinating with everybody at the provider’s office are just some of the best ways to avoid making common yet avoidable mistakes.

It can sometimes be easy to make mistakes when filing medical billing claims, but knowing exactly what to avoid can keep your work error-free.

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