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Fashionistas’ Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and if you are running late with your gifts, than you are in a serious trouble… Or perhaps not? If your chosen one is a true fashionista, it cannot possibly be that difficult to choose the one Valentine’s Day gift that will blow him/her away. Though the choices are many, the very plenitude can be very confusing, and since you are in a hurry, we will try to help you. Here are a few things you can give to your fashion-loving significant other on this day of love.

Fashionistas’ Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

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For Her

  • A Perfume – You can never go wrong with a bottle of her favourite fragrance. Choosing a new one can be a true minefield, though. If you have to step foot on it, then think logically, for classically elegant ladies Chanel “No 5” is always a good choice, for sweet and romantic – Valentina (Valentino).
  • A Pair of Shoes – the game is simple – women can fall in love in men and in shoes. So, if you are feeling expert enough to start this undertaking, find her the perfect pair. It does not have to be Manolo Blahnik, just make sure it fits.
  • A Purse – Women and their bags – maybe it is not the first love, but it is definitely a love affair.
  • An Elegant Dress – If you know your ladies size and you are familiar with her taste, a nicely wrapped dress waiting for her on the bed with a note “Meet me at our favourite restaurant” will amaze her.
  • Make Up – Regardless of her style, every woman should have one red lipstick, one eyeliner, mascara, and earthy toned eye shadow, so you can start with these. Also, everything related to make up – vanity case, make up mirror, make up brushes, etc.
  • Skin Care – women love their skin soft, youthful and elastic, so treat your lady with some quality skin care products. Just do not make it an anti-ageing cream, unless you want a storm unleashed on you. A face mask and peel are great, but you can also show her you care for her skin, by buying her a quality SPF moisturiser.

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For Him

  • A Shirt – A classical choice of gifts. Just make sure you know his size and taste.
  • A Leather Wallet – Another gift you cannot go wrong with. Leather wallets are great not only because look amazing, but also because they last for ages.
  • Sports Coat – Get your loved one a fitting blazer in this year’s hit fabric – tweed.
  • Jewellery – Men with jewellery are sexy and stylish. Depending on your darling’s style you can opt for Sons-of-Anarchy inspired rings and leather bracelets or go for some more classical look with a pendant necklace.
  • An Envelope Briefcase – If your love is a corporate shark there is nothing better and more fashionable than a fine classical envelope briefcase.
  • A Classy Wrist Watch – There is something about men and wrist watches which makes them a perfect combination for seducing women.
  • A Perfume – When you buy your man a perfume you are actually buying a gift for yourself.

“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” – Dr. Seuss, Writer


Buying Valentine’s Day gifts is more of an art than it is a chore. So if you let go, find something classical, but creative, we are sure that your choice will make your Valentine immensely happy.

Massive thank you to Emma Lawson for this amazing post – Fashionistas’ Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas. Who is Emma? Emma is a passionate writer, lover of all beautiful in our lives. With her words she is trying to spread the love all over the world. You can follow her on her Twitter account @EmmahLawson.

Hope you enjoyed this great guest post. Remember, flowers & bottle of Champagne never hurt anyone! :) And also Valentine is just a remainder day – but we can make any day special & memorable for anyone we love. Don’t forget to check your favourite brands for deals & sales. They all have dedicated Valentine section!

Lots of love & kisses! See you soon guys.


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