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Home comforts June

Home is wherever you feel loved & relaxed. Leaving abroad, makes you home-sick every now and then. Recently I’ve lost some precious belongings of mine. Books, souvenirs & photos from my childhood. Memories in their most material form – irreplaceable sentimental value. Now I find photos, from a short break in Slovakia, even more precious. Favourite food, incredible smell, homey atmosphere, familiar things – scent of home. A very relaxing time with my parents and Jamie. Enjoyed a deficient feeling of calm & happiness.

Have a look on my Home comforts June edition from Slovakia. Took me ages to get through 1000 images :) Shame I can’t offer you a bit of smell and taste too :)

Breakfast time


Cottage cheese, sour cream, honey, strawberries (or pretty much any other fruit). My favourite breakfast, soft, creamy & healthy. This particular type of cheese is Slovakian ‘Tvaroh’ has nothing to do with cottage cheese in fact. My mum made me this since I was a little girl, back in Kiev. So it’s definitely the dish with taste of home. The green, white & gold plate is a part of the big set, a wedding gift from my grandparents to my parents – incredible quality.

Home sweet home

I used to hate all those things and paintings around our flat. After a years of moving around I feel kind of different. All those things are small remainders of happy moments and good people in our life. Those considering this messy – don’t understand the power of good energy – it’s a super homey atmosphere. Now I know that I would never have a surgically white & empty flat :)

Lunch is served


“Jarkoye” is a traditional Russian (or maybe Ukrainian, who knows) dish made of tender meat with vegetables. It’s a stew – combination of meat (smoked ribs – Yumm!) & vegetables (carrot, potato, onion) cooked in liquid. Liquid became this nice thick & reach sauce. Recipe is coming soon.

Circles and squares


My absolutely favourite NON-bake cake in the whole world! Waffles & cream made of caramel and a bit of butter. The sweetest amazingness I had ever try! The only disadvantage of this cake is that you have to wait 24h before its ready to eat and then it’s gone in minutes! :) This easy recipe is coming soon.

My little helper


My best friend & cutes dog you have ever seen – Jamie. He is always checking on everything that’s happening in our house. Very social, loves food & attention ….just like me :D It’s a mix of Jack Russell Terrier & something else. Who cares what – It is the best mix the mother nature has ever created! Don’t you agree?

Coffee for anyone?


My father is a huge coffee lover. Nothing makes him more happy, then GOOD cup of coffee after meal. Dishes are another wedding gift, this time from my Godmother from Ukraine, amazing how they survived 20 years of moving around! Home made Slovakian Marble cake – ‘Babovka’ in Slovakian. It supposed to be easy bake recipe – flour, butter, eggs, cacao and sugar. But like I said Im not much of a baking Queen so have to depend on my friends & family to make it for me! Who is up for a challenge?

Apples for everyone

Wooden chop-boards, handmade by my Grandfather Dmytro Lukomsky. He was not only a great artist but also fantastic craftsman. Every family member got one. Unfortunately mine was among those things I lost recently. Oh well… at least memories stays forever.

Some kitchens have shelfs with spices we have shelfs with paints. My father made it for my mum to keep them nice and tidy :)

Shopping time

Spent a great day with my mum & managed to discover these small shiny treasures! Thanks to the Ryanair hand luggage allowance I was able to fit everything in, haha.

A simple life of Ukrainian artists in Slovakia. A nice visit full of a new happy memories. Noting wrong with being a bit sensitive & sentimental sometimes. What are yours Home comforts? Like, share, comment… and give a visit to you mum soon. She does miss you :)

“Home is people. Not a place. If you go back there after the people are gone, then all you can see is what is not there any more.” – Robin Hobb, in Fool’s Fate

All pictures taken in Slovakia with my Canon and iPhone 4. Our family dishes from Ukraine. Tablecloth – Debenhams, London.

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