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Michael Jackson outfit

Hey guys, just a few images in my Michael Jackson outfit. Red is the best colour for the Monday mood. Incredible stylish coat can be worn with jeans & dress, heels & Converse. Definitely a statement coat.


I was after just one picture, using clothes & accessories I got last weekend on the flea market – Žižkovský blšák in Prague. But with a good music I had carried away :) So decided to do this quick outfit post. If you are shopping freak like me – the second-hand market is the best place for you – as you may discover some great pieces & create great statement look. Not only that but you may also discover something that you wanted to buys years away :) Just like me & this army coat from Primark! In fact it made me think about Michael Jackson :)




Michael Jackson – You Rock My World

Michael Jackson’s music videos had a budget of a small Hollywood movie! Which I find amazing.





Michael Jackson – Remember The Time



Michael Jackson – Liberian Girl

Check this one, it’s basically just a film with all movie stars waiting for Michael to show up… haha clever!


So if you are living, studying or just passing Prague – give it a try, visit flea market or any of the antique stores around the city. A lot of treasures are hidden there. All of them are well made & part of the history. Not like some fake, overpriced souvenirs from gift shops :)

Happy Monday everyone! See you soon! Xxx

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