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Questions of your life

Our life is one big question. New Year is always time full of new resolutions & plans. People around the Globe, full of energy & residual alcohol, are talking about resolutions /new goals. To become better, happier OR achieve more…

Some will succeed, some will give up few weeks later, others will simply forget about them in an everyday madness called life. Let’s have a look on some questions that can help you think about something that you wish to change / try / achieve. Perhaps they will help you to come up with something more original then give up smoking, drinking or swearing :D First step: be realistic & think about what would you like to improve in your life.

Questions of your life


Do you know who you are?
Is this a person you want to become?
What is your favourite quote?
Do you remember to take care about your self?
What do you do for your body & soul?
What is your biggest fear in life? Can you work on it?
Do you know how to relax? Can you take the time off?
More importantly do you know when is the right time?
Do you take everything a bit too personal?
Or perhaps the opposite. Aren’t you a bit selfish?


What do you love the most about your life?
Is this what you really want?
Do you want to live like this?
Are you alone? Why?
Is there someone who needs you?
Do you have time for loved ones?
Are you obsessed with your age?


Where do you find your motivation on bad days?
What drives you?
What inspires you?
Do you know some one who really brings you down?
Are you easily influenced?


What is the one main goal you want to achieve in 2016?
What languages can you speak? More than one?
Do you know how to cook your favourite meal?
What job would you like in the future?
Remember your last year resolutions list? What went wrong?
Do you have a hobby? Something that you really enjoy & that satisfies you?
What about that “thing” (project, book, trip) you talk about for ages?


Have you seen your favourite band live?
How do you spend your free time?
Have you seen all good films from 2015?
What makes your heart jump?


What are the places you would want to travel too & with who?
What’s the weirdest food you have ever tried?
If you could spend Christmas anywhere in the world with anyone, where would you go & who with?
What’s that place you talk about all the time?
Don’t have anyone to travel with? Would you travel alone?


Lets think about our answers, be honest. We should really concentrate on aspects we can actually change & improve. Plans, goals, resolutions – whatever you call them – main think is, don’t make them January resolutions :D Write it down, plan, count, think, act & enjoy! One step at the time, be persistent, be strong, don’t let others to bring you down. It’s your life! Be active! It’s time to act! Enjoy it! Be your own crazy self! Forever! Few lines from one of my fave TV series Grey’s Anatomy (IMDb 7.7) are perfect for this occasion:

“We are all gonna die. We don’t get much say over how or when.
But we do have to decide how we gonna live. So do it, decide.
Is this a live we wanna live? Is this a person we wanna love?
Is this a best you can be? Can you be stronger? Kinder? More compassionate?
Decide. Breath in. Breath out. And decide.”

The 2015 was memorable, I accomplished a lot. I hated it, I loved it… A journey of a thousand miles starts by taking one step. I took the step & I don’t regret doing so. It will be hard (it is already). But we all just should do our best, instead of blaming our destiny, God or government :D Good things don’t come easy… just be able to recognise when it is over & move on!

Irma Thomas – Good Things Don’t Come Easy (1967)

Do you have any ideas for 2016, would you like to share them? Drop me an email if so at Would love to hear from you.

Are you ready to move forward? I know I’m! I wanna take this opportunity to wish every single one of you a Happy New Year & thank you for your time. Xxx

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