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Welcome back to reality

Welcome to UK! Welcome back to reality! My return from beautiful Greek to the Great Britain was one funny night, I’d like to share it with you guys!

Coming back from holidays, one suppose to be fresh, happy & relaxed… That’s how we all imagine it. That’s why we take holidays in the first place. But somehow it almost never works this way.

EasyJet flight from Greece was pushed from 21:00 to 22:30 – so no comfy comeback to London for us. After 1.5 hours wait on Athens’ airport we were bullied by the member of airport stuff to be more organised & form lines as a school kids (should we hold our hands too? :D), to get on the plane. Ahaha, I guess the lady had a few too many coffees, before her shift :)


Funny & pleasant pilot, made his passengers smile, smart move after a significant delay. Oh, a family with a toddler seating behind me, lucky me :D … every turbulence woke a little screaming & kicking monster… lovely. But I still managed to had a quick nap & finish some design work for my client. Oh how I love my Surface!

Arriving to the London Luton airport 15 min after midnight… just in time for the last train to London? Passport control took ages, but we got to the luggage quite fast! Let’s run for the last train…

Surprise, surprise all trains from Gatwick to London are delayed, cancelled or otherwise affected by some mechanical difficulties… Oh that maybe because of the weather – as that is so surprising in London all the time :D No Victoria service was available, so London Bridge it is. I’m sure it happened to all of us – when you are in a hurry all other people in line in front of you have tones of questions OR buying 20 tickets to 15 destinations. Annoying but surprisingly we got to the platform on time. Yeeey! Some girl decided to throw up, just a few meters from us – luckily into the bag, she promptly found :)

Ride to the London bridge was uneventful. London bridge station is like a ghost town this time at night. London welcomed us with a good old never-ending showers & temperatures around 10 degrees Celsius, auch what a shock after 32 in Athens! We make our way through a never-ending building site to our bus stop. Waiting for the night bus, was a great display of drunk Londoners desperately looking for the way back home.

While we put on all our warm clothes, on top of our holiday outfits, we had a chance to see how the usual weekend / after party London streets look like. We saw several girls walking barefoot, wearing revealing dresses, desperately trying to get the taxi. Walking up and down the street in a bit confused manner. Rejected by taxi drivers, as being too drunk! :D A guy leaning on the bus stop time-table, decided to throw up right there in the middle of the road… why bother to move, well I guess he wasn’t able to move at all :D

Two guys checking with us on Northern line operating times, hoping it operates all night. Unfortunately it doesn’t, otherwise we would be on it by now. They ended-up walking down & up the street, discussing all other options how to get home. Passing us over & over again always with a new plan in mind, I’m convinced they didn’t get home that night :D

After 30 min the bus arrived! Hooray! My phone has been a great help in this London night adventure – but I’m on 15% now… uaaaa So far away from home and any source of electricity!


Ride through empty London, full of lights… quiet streets, no crowds, London eye, Big Ben, Victoria… like a night sight-seeing tour. Ups we missed or stop! We need to get out! Oh shit… Ou, our lovely driver stopped for us on first lights. What a nice man! Thxxxx

Walking through another building jungle, called London Victoria is like a game. Time to decide if I go to the friend’s place or just wait at the airport for few hours. Well decision is made, one of us got on the bus, destination – south London. I’m on my way to a London Coach Station. Oh such a great feeling to be familiar with this great big city, I used to call home just few months ago.

By the time I got to the Victoria coach station was already 3am. Haha never underestimate night travelling time. Managed to get on the earlier bus! Yey! But wait – it’s not an National Express! Actually same weird bus as the one taking me to London from Luton 2 weeks ago. Some old purple bus, with no destination signs :D no Wi-Fi or electricity sockets – Great, night night iPhone! Thx God for the portable charger.

The driver in charge of placing baggage on the bus, said: “Omg such a big suitcase, put it there your self!” Lol, so much for famous English gentlemen manners.

Well lets hope I’m getting to the right airport… :) time for a nap. 1.5 hours later – Luton airport. Lets check in! Seems like my WizAir flight is on time, but for some reason I’m trying to get to the EasyJet check-in line – even after an EasyJet guy told me there are no flights to Prague :D Well, I guess 22 hours with no sleep have some consequences. :D

After successful check in, I’m walking around airport, there are people sleeping basically everywhere. Looks a bit dodgy. Got small snack from the Burger King – staff looked rather sleepy, but somehow I managed to cheer them up, so I got coffee & smile :)

Getting to the security control – The staff member noticed a little bottle of tequila in my transparent bag with liquids. “What’s that?” “Tequila” “Alcohol?” “I guess :D” “I don’t think you are allowed to have that” “Well then throw it away”… he walked away to check it out, came back looking all happy with the thumbs up: “Yep you are fine, go for it! Are you gonna drink that on the plane?” “Little bit early for that don’t you think?” “So why do you have it then?” “For digestion, of course!” “Enjoy, then!”

My plastic bag with toiletries was taken for a double-check by security guy, saying: “I had to test some of the contents.” while taking my hand cream :D tested it, it’s a pass! Uff, I’m such a Nivea smuggler :D

After my successful security check, I helped an old couple, desperately trying to close their full handbag, opened during a security check. Such a mission with a lot of laughter! :)

London Luton is under massive construction – unfortunately not only on the outside but in the waiting hall as well – so there is almost no place to seat & relax. Looks like an Indian bus station :D Ridiculous. I hope they planing on finishing that madness soon. Thankfully I found my spot & can write this little story for you :)

Gate is open, of course its the one on the other side of the airport, a gate number 2, the one 20 min away. I’d better hurry! Let’s see what fun this flight will bring!

While boarding a plane I noticed mother with a small baby in her hands desperately trying to fold a pushchair on her own! I rushed to help her! She was so thankful, & managed to fold a pushchair, while I was holding her cute boy! Few minutes later on the plane, guess who was sitting behind me? Yes the same mum with a little boy – apologising for the baby kicking away into back of my seat :D I mean! What a day! Thx God for the Sennheiser earphones. Oh of course 45 min delay…

27 hours awake, now only one thing is holding me together! My unicorn waiting for me on the other side. Prague here I come!

“No man needs a vacation so much as the man who has just had one.” ― Elbert Hubbard, writer, artist & philosopher

Two countries, two days, travelling, unpacking, talking, eating… managed to stay awake for 40 hours! What a comeback to reality :D

Bye London, I’ll see you very soon again! Thx for your time guys! Xxx

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