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Bell Peppers & Feta

If you are craving a quick, easy but warm meal, I may have just a thing for you. A great inspiration for brunch, light dinner or grill party. Tasty & colourful Bell Peppers & Feta recipe.

Fried peppers & cheese

This recipe is modified – special UK edition :) as its close to impossible to get “regular” pointed green peppers in UK. The most common type are Bell peppers. It seems to be an ultimate choice in 80% of supermarkets here. Bell peppers have thick, juicy & sweet skin, so it takes longer to prepare. Best use -grill, roast or fry. An original recipe I learned years ago, back in Slovakia, contains pointed green peppers & soft cheese (will make it for you, once I’m back home). Pointed peppers have a fairly thick flesh & very thin skin (some types with a spice kick). They are not so sweet & juicy, definitely my personal favourite. Excellent for roasting, frying or fresh eating/salads. I modified original recipe and result more then pleased me (feta is not melting as fast, so it doesn’t stick to the pan). So today I bring you Fried Bell Peppers & Feta cheese recipe.

Cost: £4 / Total time: 20 min / Serves: 3 / Calories per serve: 270

3 Bell peppers
1 pack of Feta cheese -200g
1 tbsp Sunflower oil
Black pepper or any other seasoning you like


Knife, cutting board, frying pan with the lid, wooden spoon.


Wash the peppers. Cut off the middle-top part, clean the insides from seeds. It works best under the running water. Be gentle, do not cut or damage the peppers.

Cut feta cheese into a long thin pieces or cubes.

Stuff the peppers with cheese. Make sure to press it in carefully, leave at least 1cm gap on top. In the mean time preheat the pan with oil.

Place all peppers on the pan, cover with a lid. Be careful as the oil will splutter and spit a lot (drying peppers with a paper towel before frying may help a bit). Fry on medium heat, turning peppers from side to side. Depending on the heat usually takes 3-6 minutes/each side. Repeat if need it. Pepper’s skin should became brown & soft.

Place them on the plates. Cut the pepper on small pieces, mix with the cheese, add some seasoning. Careful with the salt as Feta cheese is very salty it self. Voilà, done, sit down & enjoy!

Yumm yumm! Enjoy guys Xxx

PS: For the first time all photos were taken on my phone – iPhon6S – I think it’s pretty good :) don’t you? With the recipe’s posts its very handy, not mentioning much faster option. Love it!

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