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Biennial of illustrations Slovakia

Hi guys, I want to share my pride. My mum – Oksana Lukomska, took a part in the international exhibition – Biennial of Illustrations Slovakia, this year. There were only two Ukrainian artists between hundreds of countries. She is a brilliant graphic & illustrator for more than 30 years. Working hard, fighting the stupidity of this world & still manage to stay creative, positive & open-hearted.

Oksana Lukomska

The absolute Aquarelle Guru! Give her a piece of paper, colour, water & brash – and the world of wonders & magic will appear right before your eyes. She fell in love with Aquarelle (Watercolour), in her teenage years & she masters this technique ever since. Working 24-7-365, painting & teaching children. Her talent & ability to see the secret world of magic & colours gives her an amazing power to share that experience with the rest of us. She loves children, she speaks their language (I guess in her heart she never grow up). Bright colours & laughter that’s the signature she leaves behind. Her life wasn’t all rainbows & sunshine, nothing came easy to her. But she is still my Little prince – full of dreams, goodness & a heart full of love. Love you mum! I’m so so so proud of you!

These watercolour (Aquarelle) illustrations picked for the BIB exhibition are from story book for children – The Sprites & Knightly Virtues by Svetlana Majchráková (Škriatkovia a rytierske cnosti, od Svetlany Majchrákovej). On sale in Slovakia & Czech republic for about £6, check in stores & online.


The Sprites & Knightly Virtues

They live deep underground, in the world of rocks, minerals, gemstones and beautiful caves. They are bold, hard-working, honest, resourceful, clever and persistent. They are elves who experienced an unforgettable adventure, during school holidays, an adventure full of heroic acts. As young knights they are committed to help the hoarse owl, deliver a mail for a sick neighbour, find treasure, win pixie games and much more. Become a knight and pay a visit to the world of mystery, get to know the power of amethysts, emeralds, diamonds or meteorites.

I’m pretty sure that this one was inspired by our family :)

The hoarse owl – so cute!!!

Can you see 3 elves? Look closer! I always admired my mum’s patience & creativity with an ability to create these beautiful sceneries with such a small & precise details. If you never tried to paint with watercolour – you can not imagine how hard is it to make the water & paint create a picture you see in your mind. Try it!


World of Art

Brings joy, inspiration, pleases eyes & hearts of people. Creative mind sees the world differently. The purpose of life is to provoke, ask, create & improve. But as a child from artistic family I find this world incredibly cruel, unfair & more than any other profession it’s all about right people / right time / right place – not your talent OR vision. A path for the few. Well how many professions do you know, where one can became famous after death? :D Artists are incredible strong creatures & even their job seems like a relaxing hobby to the hard-working citizens – IT’S SO MUCH MORE! ITS A GIFT & LIFESTYLE for those chosen one. Be strong! World needs you :)

The Biennial of Illustration Bratislava (BIB)

So what is it? The BIB is one of the oldest international honours for children’s book illustrators. First granted in 1967 to Yasuo Segawa (Japan), it is one of the more prestigious children’s book awards today. This year the main prize goes to the UK – Laura Carlin, United Kingdom: A World of Your Own – Grand Prix BIB 2015 (see below).

Illustrations from 50 countries around the world are exposed in Bratislava House of Art (House of Arts, SNP Square 12, Bratislava, Slovakia). Number 50 it’s a quite symbolic, as this year it is exactly 50 years, since the first exhibition of illustrations for children was held here in Bratislava. After years of illustrating books for children, it was about time for my mum to join :) Exhibitions will be open until 25 October 2015, so you can still visit the House of Art to see 2426 illustrations.

So if you are in Slovakia near by Bratislava, don’t forget to add a bit of art in your life :) Thanks again for your time guys! Xxx

My parents enjoyed it :)

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