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Looking for new music? Check out M(a)y Playlist.

Hi Guys! Are you one of those people – listening to the same music over & over again, like me? Are you looking for new music? Check out M(a)y Playlist :)

Music is everywhere these days. In the shopping malls, grocery markets, offices, restaurants & bars. Some of us enjoying music, others lyrics. Songs can bring memories good or bed. Do not underestimate power of this background “noise”!

Looking for new music?

We are all familiar with the situation: felling in love with some song & not knowing the name!!! What to do then? Use a freaking Shazam & don’t ever struggle to find your fave song again! This great FREE app will not only identify song for you, but it also records it, if you are off-line & find it once you are online again. It’s not only a list however, Shazam offers options of purchasing & sharing. Simply must have app.

Summer is one step away. So if are after some party songs OR if you are looking for some different tunes in your ears on the way to work you are at the right page :) Find your new fave song, band, lyrics…

M(a)y Playlist

Last month I collected quite few of them – 27 exactly. Wide collection, different genres, remixes & unique voices. Dance, enjoy & let’s get that party started!

The real gem of this collection was SOS song by Portishead’s. Their version of SOS is the most sublime thing you’ll ever hear. Unfortunately it was removed from YouTube & all other blogs & news websites… probably because it’s a soundtrack of the new film High-Rise. Sush a shame! If you can get your hands on it – do let me know! Portishead are an English band formed in 1991 in Bristol. They are named after the nearby town of the same name, eight miles west of Bristol. Portishead consists of Geoff Barrow, Beth Gibbons & Adrian Utley, while sometimes citing a fourth member, Dave McDonald, an engineer on their first records… more on Wiki.

Speakers up! Headphones on! It’s singing time! Have a nice one guys & come back soon :) XoXo

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