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No Fake promise 2015

Let’s get this story straight… I love glitter & sparkle! I love jewels & bijou! It makes every outfit pop & shine! I just thought “No Fake promise 2015” will be a nice little challenge for me :)

Bijou vs Jewel

Bijou is a jewellery made of non-precious metals, sometimes gold- or silver-plated, often set with imitation or semi precious stones. Jewel however is made only from the precious or semi-precious materials.

Due to affordable price, these fantastic accessories, are part of every woman necessaries. You can always buy a perfect piece for any occasion, every season! Like a cherry on top for every outfit. But as it is with all cheap goods, there are UNFORTUNATELY some downsides… Changing appearance of the jewel and skin irritation all caused by cheap materials its made from. Materials that react on light, humidity, your perfume and just about everything else. It’s usually something that won’t stick with you forever, especially if you don’t taking a good care of it. Bijou’s real value lies in your memories.

New products appear on the market faster than a pay-check. There is always something that catch your eye & force you to take it home! So here I’m with a nice collection and my guess is that its value is very close to a Zero!

No Fake promise 2015

“I will not buy ANY bijou in 2015!”

Only the “real” stuff, jewellery made from a precious or at least semi-precious materials, from well-known brands. No fake promise. Let’s see how one of mine New Year’s resolutions goes. Btw if you wish to gift me, feel free to do so! :)

Childhood memories

I remember all those treasures in my Grandma’s jewel-box. She used to sit with me and tell stories about them: “This ring is from your Grand-grandmother and this earrings I got on my engagement party…” She knew the name of the Jewish jeweller who made them, the type of material,  name of the stone and its influence on human body & soul. It was magical. Also I think it was her back-up plan for the rainy days!

Now I looked into mine jewel-boxes and realized by the time I became a Grandma there will be just dust & rust. Not to mention minimum value which won’t help me or my family in any way. Perhaps this challenge will help me to change Quantity to the Quality.

“Clothes without jewellery is like sex without an orgasm!” – Natinstablog


Bijou – word origin: French, from Breton bizou ‘finger ring’, from biz ‘finger’. Also Welsh bys ‘finger’.
Meaning: Something small and delicately worked, such as a trinket – Small but elegant and tasteful – A jewel.


4th February 2015
Primark – buying a necklace, for a friend from Slovakia (yes that’s right, there is NO Primark in Slovakia – ridiculous, isn’t? :). And like we say in Slovakia ” A habit is an iron shirt” I bought one necklace for my self too! No hesitation. One look. One thought “Oh yes, exactly what I need!” :D And then, at home, it suddenly hit me! OMG! My promise! Fuck! Ran back to Primark, returned the devil’s bijou!:) Uff! My conscience is clean again! :)

28th March 2015
Tiffany, New York, USA – I bought my self two beautiful silver Tiffany’s rings (Post coming soon…)

31st March 2015
Small gift from BF – Savannah, Georgia, USA.

12th April 2015
Present for my mum – blue earrings from some small market, Slovakia.

5th May 2015
Name-day present matching ring & necklace – STORM, London, UK. My fave brand!

1st July 2015
Gift from a friend – H&M bracelet, Prague, CZ

17th November 2015
Next Blogger Network Event – Necklace from a vending machine, London, UK

20th November 2015
Body Jewellery Shop sponsored post – Heart Ear Studs & Ear Cuff, USA

27th November 2015
Part of my Wish List Competition prize – Next watch, London, UK

2nd December 2015
Get these for my birthday – Primark earrings, London, UK

24th December 2015
Xmas present – Necklace, Kiev, UA

26th December 2015
Xmas present – Earrings & necklace, Bratislava, SK

“I did it! Whole year no fake bijou! Result? Don’t feel an urge for more PLUS got some real branded jewellery for my self! BIG success! “

Always choose Quality over Quantity! In all aspect of your life :) It’s worth it!

Great little challenge. BIG success! …try it with anything that becomes more an obsession than a need. Let me know how it goes :)

Jewels: Different brands from different countries, gifts, markets & shops. Collected over the last 15 years.

Diary photos


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