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Picnic in London… ?

Summer days full of sun, a perfect opportunity to get-together with friends & family. Picnic in the park, BBQ at the garden. But wait a minute… Picnic in London… ? HA HA HA! …and what about the weather?? The weather is a favourite topic in the UK, simply because sunny days are not that frequent as we like them to be and sunny weekends are almost rare (apart from the promising early morning blue clear sky).

Back in Ukraine & Slovakia my family took every opportunity to have a nice meal by the lake or in the park. Such a simple activity that brings people closer, a good fun & lots of happy memories (alco or NO-alco). So here Im – a picnic lover, shopaholic & food lover in the city that hates sun :D. Seems like Im only collecting cute picnic accessories & dishes so far :) Well lets put them in some use!

My little indoor picnic photo-shoot full of taste & colours (some shopping tips too). Easy to be creative while is pissing rain outside :)

Yellow&Green starter

Teal serving plate, drinks maker, cocktail stir sticks & plastic spoons from John Lewis – Picnic-ware section. Amazing colours, good deals. Green grapes, cheese, lemons and mint leaves from Tesco. Glasses from Sainsbury.

Fruit & Cheese fun

Plastic transparent jar with 4 glasses included & plate from John Lewis – Picnic-ware section.

Matching is simply important

This cute Hello Summer collection from Primark is simply the best deal for picnic, BBQ or any party. Blue&Pink combination is elegant, universal & attractive for any occasion. The whole set costs like £4. Bring a bubble blower to the outdoor party its always a great fun, and not only for the little ones :)

Hello summer. Hello brunch!

Refreshing drink – strawberries, mint leaves, lime & ice. Hummus, beetroot tzatziki dip, fresh fruits, veggies, crackers & the best thing ever the Sunbites! An extraordinarily tasty multigrain snack, my fav flavour: Sun Ripened Sweet Chilli.

Picnic hamper

The most romantic thing you have ever seen, isn’t it? With this cute hamper from Debenhams you have everything you need to enjoy a day out. Set for 4 people, comes in a classic wicker design. It features an aqua spotted lining with plates, cutlery, napkins, wine glasses, a cork screw and little salt and pepper shakers. Available in stores now for only £45.00 (was £90, not available online). Can’t wait for a real picnic with this baby in action!

Turquoise refreshments anyone?

Glasses & Jar from Sainsbury.

Who is up to for a dessert?

Red and Yellow melons are my fav summer refreshments, also great as a light dinner or breakfast. Im not a fun of boxed ice-cream, chocolate Cornetto is my one & only love. But once I tried the Ben & Jerry’s Fish Food… That was simply an orgasmic explosion of taste! Try this mouthwatering goodness!

Hope I will use my amazing picnic collection outside, under the blue sky & hot sun one day :) Anyone up for the challenge? Thanks for your time guys… Xxx

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