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Survival guide for Shopping with man

Xmas shopping is a stressful & hectic experience anywhere around the world. But shopping with men is a different cup of tea.

I’m a proud online shopper, overcrowded Oxford street or shopping centre are a nightmare for me. A disorganized stream of people. Chaos of bodies. Grrr… that drives me MAD. It consumes our energy so fast that we lose the interest, energy & enthusiasm before even getting to a shop. I’m trying to avoid a dreadful experience anyway I can! Shopping with a nice cup of tea, in a cosy chair with a music or movie on the background – that’s how Lesia DOES IT! :)

Anyway here I’m – Xmas shopping long forgotten, everything delivered to my door as I type… and then friend (man who hates shopping) ask me to go shopping with him! Ahahaha. Apparently I’m a good shopping-assistant & adviser. I think I should add that to my CV :D Imagine quiet Sunday afternoon & someone is trying to get you out to the rain, into desperate masses of people with a massive shopping spree?! I said NO NO NO! He played the card: “I really need your help & it’s our last chance for shopping”. Poor marketing strategy, myTip: “I always get the best stuff with you & I will get you something little too”. But he did mention in the past that, I do find best pieces & give him the courage to try something new & different, so I feel kind of proud & responsible I guess. So I said YES to the shopping Sunday madness. If your male friend is not gay / fashion fanatic or fashion designer, here is a Survival guide for Shopping with man.


Shopping with Man in a few steps

Step 1: Food. Make sure you are both fed & have a drink with you. Nothing’s worst then a hungry man – who will buy anything just to get to the restaurant ASAP! Hungry woman will be useful like a window figurine & pretty annoyed too :D

Step 2: Location! Location really is everything. We went for House of Fraser and it was an excellent choice – all brands in one place! No crowds. No cars. No rush. No stress. All you need on one floor. But I have to say I expected a bit more from the service / staff, felt kind of disorganised.

Step 3: Treat yourself. Have a glass of vine when you arrive to the field of battle… or something sweet :) Take a coffee break after first successful buy.

Step 4: Shopping time! Floors with man clothes are so much quieter than all others. No one is taking selfies or trying clothes between shelves :D Is just organised heaven. No clothes on the floor either. I wish all men would be so tidy at home too.

Step 5: Be proactive! Don’t just seat in the corner with your mobile or follow him like a zombie (remember how you hate it when they do it). Shop-assistants are good help, but they are not always around, so take initiative. Team work will speed it up, so you can have time for some browsing & perhaps shopping too. Yey!

Step 6: Be calm & patient. Remember your goal is to help him & have a good time. Don’t rush him every 5 min, just give him a time update now & then. Don’t run away to the Women’s section every-chance you get, you will get distracted & he annoyed.

Step 7: Imagine! Remember most of the men have no imagination & taste for fashion – because they simply don’t care & don’t give it a thought. So they can’t buy something they haven’t try it on. They will resent anything new or different, because they have no idea how good they will look at it. They need encouragement & assurance that it’s not – “Too gay” OR “Too much” – whatever that means lol. Just make him try it on – advice on what will go well with it. Great help (or not) is when shop-assistant is wearing the piece in question.

Step 8: Treat yourself. Best treat would be discovering some amazing deal on your way. But If the original deal was shopping for him – don’t make a scene (as you didn’t get anything) right after he finishes his shopping, it wouldn’t help anyone. Go for a drink or a nice meal.


Quote below from an American humorist, applies on all – Men & Women, in my opinion it’s a showcase of how we interact & communicate while solving everyday problems.

“The quickest way to know a woman is to go shopping with her.” – Marcelene Cox, American humorist

Getting everything in one shop is pretty convenient. The shopping day was successful for both of us, we even had fun :) We get a Wok to Walk on our way & enjoyed lovely evening with a good action / comedy film The Man from U.N.C.L.E. – 2015, 7.3 IMDb. I survived pre Xmas Oxford street & helped my friend, who hates shipping, yeey!


So hope you guys have done all your Xmas shopping by now, so we all can just relax :) Thx for your time and see you soon! Xxx

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