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Bloggers Hangout goodies

Have a look on Bloggers Hangout goodies – great beauty products & brands. This post was sitting here for a while unpublished for some reason. I apologise to brands to keep them waiting.

I tried all the products & can truthfully say they are an amazing addition to Gift Ideas for HER. Some of them are new on the market, but already made their way on Boots shelves! Have a look on my reviews & buy them online OR in store.


Icelandic family company deliver pure products inspired by nature. Their ingredients are natural, safe & ecologically friendly. All products are free from parabens, preservatives, artificial colours & fragrances, phthalates, propylene glycol, mineral oils, petrolatum, paraffin or any other chemical agents that can harm man or nature. WOW that’s impressive! But even without all those details – the first thing you notice is an amazing herb smell & texture. No greasy feeling on your skin. Actually its smells like fresh spring fields full of flowers. Imagine your self walking over the hills of Iceland. As a graphic designer I have to appreciate a thoughtful organic design (of all marketing materials & website) – Good job guys! Soley family shows that they truly care. Visit Soley website here.

LAB2 – Makeup Brushes – Live & Breathe Beauty


A professional set of 4 essential brushes, designed for flawless make-up application. Each brush has soft touch handle fits comfortably in your hands for increased control. The hair is nice & soft, it doesn’t falling off even after months of everyday use! Amazing! Visit LAB2 website here, also available on Amazon.


Intimate Purifying Cleanser for women. Regular soap is not good for your intimate parts, its messing up with you pH balance, which can lead to infections or irritation. Try this cleanser / gel to prevent your self from uncomfortable feeling. SASS offers different types for an everyday care for active women. Feel fresh, clean & comfortable. Bring it on holiday, to the gym & minimise the risk of pH balance changes. Available in Boots.

“Beauty is whatever gives joy.”
– Edna St. Vincent Millay, Author

Shea Moisture

The foundation ingredient of SheaMoisture, unrefined Raw Shea Butter, which is rich in vitamins & essential fatty acids. It is well-known for its exceptional moisturising & healing properties. Rich in the antioxidant vitamins E and A, Raw Shea Butter helps to fight signs of premature ageing caused by free radicals. Shea Moisture offers skin & hair products. It’s perfect for coarse / kinky hair. My hair is straight & greasy type, so I will give these amazing products to my mum (her hair is curly & fizzy). Visit Shea Moisture website here.

Skin Chemists

Wrinkle Killer Activ+ Professional Facial Treatment – a miracle in the tiny bottles. A 5 day treatment of a concentrated facial treatment designed to fight appearance of fine lines & wrinkles. Skin Chemists – offer all kind of skin beauty products for your face, eyes & body. Visit Skin Chemists website here.


Exfolimate created to gently exfoliate the face & body and is precision designed for daily exfoliation & naturally skin clearing results. This Australian product transforms the surface of your skin. The micro-grooves gently lift & remove lingering skin cells & debris to unveil younger, fresher skin. Visit ExfoliMate website here.

SensatioNails & PinkParcel

SensatioNails – Amazing home-made gel manicure. This great product completely replaced my old nail-polishes forever!
PinkParcel – Monthly presents – with all products that every woman need + something extra to make us smile & shine.

Great brands for our everyday pleasure. Thank you guys for your hard work, ideas that helps us stay beautiful.

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