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Swim baby! Swim!

My swimming challenge 2015 – 1 km in 25 min, breaststroke style.

In mid January I made a bet with my BF. We had one of our passionate debates about something completely different, and somehow we end up with this bet! I love challenge, even If I lose. The actual process of overcoming yourself always takes you a step forward :) Plus, I did beat him few times during our Caribbean holidays a while ago, and he was training for a triathlon back then. So I guess I felt confident :D. I’m not a regular swimmer, so we agreed I had 3 months to train: 14.1-14.3.2015.

The price – dinner for 2 in a nice restaurant in OXO towers, London. The looser is paying.

Where to Swim?

There is a pool in almost every gym in London. Unfortunately they are usually quite small. If you want to do proper training you could end up with spinning head :). So I signed up with Better company for about £30 a month (be careful there is 1 month cancelling period) and hit the pool at least 3 times a week. I tried a few swimming pool places but Mother Queen Sport Centre on Victoria seemed to have best facilities! If you want to do some serious practise or leisure swimming this is the place for you! Separate lines for all types of swimmers will ensure that you will feel comfortable. Best time to go is end of the week or lunchtime during weekends. What to bring – Swimming costume, goggles, cap, towel, shower gel, flip flops and 1 pound for the locker & Swim baby! Swim!

My swimming diary

Back to my quest – 1km = 40 lengths in the 50m long swimming pool. My starting time in January 14th was 30 minutes. After few days I was on 26min! I was excited how fast I was improving. However for a month I was stuck on 27, 26… I couldn’t get to 25min, no matter how hard I tried! The day after pancake day, February 17th I managed to do it for the first time 1km = 25min! Yeeey! I was excited, but I kept coming and training like usual and always adding 30sec to my actual time. It kept my mind motivated and my mussels run on 100% each time! Swimming at least 3 times a week. Then we set one pre-final date Sunday 8th March for a first trial (I guess my BF was scared that I could fail!!). I was training everyday after work, took a brake the day before BIG DAY, as an advice that its a good thing to do before the big day (when you trained properly for the whole time, as I did :)) and I felt it really helped me.

I started full of energy, felt very good and confident. After 6 laps I was slowing down, loosing seconds on every lap – I knew that this is not the way how to win! I pushed my self by repeating words from my fav motivation speech! They even have a special version for swimming: Rise and Swim – Welcome to the Grind. I guess it did helped me, as I was swimming faster towards the end. Try it guys! Great speech, I love it so much that its my morning alarm now!

The judgement day: Sunday 8.3.2015 International Women’s Day btw :)

1km – 40laps – 24:39.04

Lap 1 00:59.41
Lap 2 01:09.11
Lap 3 01:13.20
Lap 4 01:13.55
Lap 5 01:14.60
Lap 6 01:14.64
Lap 7 01:14.62
Lap 8 01:17.51
Lap 9 01:17.77
Lap 10 01:16.68
Lap 11 01:13.92
Lap 12 01:16.47
Lap 13 01:17.16
Lap 14 01:15.58
Lap 15 01:14.23
Lap 16 01:14.44
Lap 17 01:15.57
Lap 18 01:14.62
Lap 19 01:14.35
Lap 20 01:11.53

Wohooo! I did it! OXO here I come!

Oxo tower restaurant & gallery Amazing dinner with my BF, at this very relaxed & stylish restaurant – OXO Tower Restaurant. Food was absolutely mouth-watering & Bloody Mary has a right kick in to it :) Also have to recommend a chocolate desert, it will satisfy all choco lovers! Thank youuuuu!!! XXX Great place for a special occasions or impressive date :) @OXO_Tower. Dont forget to book a table, it is a quite busy place.

Next challenge

I will learn proper swimming style and breathing method :) As I was really struggling to catch my breath after 10 laps.

Swimming costume, goggles, cap: Sport direct, Prague, CZ
Flip flops: Bata, Prague, CZ
Bag, Towel: Primark, London, UK
Parfume, shower gel, lotion: Davidoff Cool Water Woman

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