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What to wear to the Races this summer

What to wear to the Races this summer

I always dreamed about a fancy race day. Dressing up, looking all pretty, sunny day with friends & glass of wine, while watching a race. Its something posh & grown up about it, isn’t it? Well let’s do it right. Let’s check what to wear to the Races this summer, shall we?


What to wear to the Races this summer

There’s nothing like a day at the races for a chance to dress up & really let your sense of style shine. When it comes to racing fashion, it’s an event where you can really go all out & make sure that you’re looking your absolute best. Whist there aren’t really any set rules for racing day dress code, the vast majority of racecourse spectators stick to a pretty smart dress code that’s often verging on black tie. If you have an upcoming race day planned & want to look your absolute best, read on for the best tips in the book for both girls & guys.


For the Guys

If you’re a guy planning a day at the races, it’s good to know that ties & jackets are not compulsory – so there’s no need to go all out if it’s a really hot day. But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t still look amazingly suave – smart casual, such as tailored dress trousers & a crisp white shirt is a good look for the most race days. Have a look at for a range of tailored suits, trousers, shirts & accessories that you can wear to the races to look your best.


For the Girls

Dressing up for the races is often the highlight of the whole event for plenty of ladies – especially when it’s Ladies’ Day! When choosing your outfit, remember to make sure that it’s appropriate for the weather – checking the weather forecast beforehand & taking a shrug or jacket to put on if the temperature drops is a good idea, as the last thing that you want is to find your day ruined by the cold or rain. Classy & elegant is the way to go for race day attire, & playing it up with accessories such as fascinators & hats is definitely a must. When it comes to footwear, don’t opt for heels that are too high as you don’t want to struggle to walk!


Standing Out

For a day at the races, both guys & girls definitely want to stand out – and for all the right reasons. One of the best ways to make sure that you stand out is to choose your colours carefully – picking outfits that use bold, rich colours or vibrant patterns can not only make sure that you’re looking great, but also means that you’ll stand out in the crowd & get noticed. For girls, this could mean choosing a dress with a bold, modern print, & for guys this could be getting an unusually coloured suit or a stand-out tie. For the ladies, picking a hat or fascinator which is a little unusual is a great way to make sure that you don’t blend in!


Whatever you wear, a day at the races is all about having fun & making sure that you have an awesome experience. I’m sure that no matter what you choose to wear, you’ll spend your day looking & feeling absolutely fabulous when you follow these tips (Let’s hope English weather is on our side too)!

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