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Help guide: Moving to Prague

Moving is an exciting but also stressful. I put together a Help guide: Moving to Prague. I moving all my life. It’s time-consuming & not the cheapest adventure. Hope this guide will be helpful :)

Moving all your life from country to country is not easy. This help guide is for people with more than 1 suitcase & 5 boxes. Used to live in Prague for 4 years, so an actual moving was easier, thanks to friends, but still time-consuming & stressful…


Always helps when employer is helping you out & secure your first month. If not, no worries, you can find a nice place by your self. First step – location, location, location. Explore the map, Check location of your future office? The fastest & easiest way to get around the town is Tube for sure, alternatively you have all kind of choices – tram, bus, car or taxi. Old town & flats with hight ceilings are beautiful, but they maybe be a bit dark & cold during winter months. Coll areas: Žižkov, Vinohrady, Anděl & Smíchov. Plenty of websites offers tones of adverts – but be careful, most of them are from reality agents. That means you will have to pay at list 10 000 CZK (around 270 GBP) on top for the first month rent & deposit. Rent moves from 7 000 CZK to 50 000 CZK. Check this web without reality agents – BezRealitky. Start looking for accommodation about a month before your arrival. Or simply rent a place on AirBnb…


If you don’t have luxury of helpful friends or employer, than its wise to consider AirBnb service. It will give you time to explore the city, to fall in love with it, so you can choose better the area you wish to live in.

Moving services

If you need to send a few boxes, the best choice would be – Dolphi Transport. Book it by thursday, setup a pick up time (Friday – Sunday), wait for the driver. It’s usually with the recipient by the next weekend. It’s from door to door delivery. But if you are looking for moving all your life or a whole house the best economy choice is – Real Man and Van. You can call them or let them contact you at least 2 weeks before your moving date. You can work out the pick up time, they are quite flexible, not always on time through.



The main thing is to pack well. Use medium-sized boxes. Pack them responsibly, half with heavy half with light / fragile objects. Don’t be shy with tape & bubble wrap, Protect your stuff. Get your packing gear from Amazon, check links below. Don’t forget about good scissors & black markers…
500mm x 50m Small Bubble Wrapbuy it on Amazon, 1 roll FRAGILE packing tape, 66m x 50mmbuy it on Amazon, 15 Large moving boxesbuy it on Amazon, 36 FRAGILE labels buy it on Amazon, 1 Roll tape Silver 48mm x 50m duct tapebuy it on Amazon, RayGar 6 Bags Pack Vacuum Bags 100 X 80 cmbuy it on Amazon.



Once you pack everything & you realise how much shit you own :D you may need the storage place in Prague before you find your place. The one I used was – LessMess. Be careful the regular charge is a full calendar month, no less. Not very flexible… but safe & easy. The charge includes – storage room, brand new lock, maintenance & insurance.

Now all my life is moved from London to Prague (in 60-ty boxes haha). Time to make it nice, pretty & tidy. Good my little helper is here with me :D Stay tuned – More info on starting your life in Prague – travel, internet, mobile providers & so on to follow!


Drop me a note or leave a comment if you have more questions. Good luck with your moving & be happy. Love you guys. Xxx


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