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How to survive 3 hours at the Airport

Flying over 10 years now, was never late longer then 45 min. But as they say – there is a first time for everything! Well today its 3 hour delayed flight to London :) so lets see how to survive 3 hours at the Airport.

Flying with Wizz Air for years, longest delay was around 45 min! But what a delight – 3 hrs this time :D I guess the most annoying thing about it one is that is was an evening flight, so delay means, travelling late at night; no tube service in London & expensive taxi! Gosh! But what can one do right? Winter weather can cause all kind of surprises :)

Prague Airport

Prague Airport



As Im one of those hyperactive creatures – who are never bored, I wrote a blog about it :D Let’s see what can you do at a quite small airport – this time in Prague.

How to survive 3 hours at the Airport

  • shopping – ideal time to get some last souvenirs, if you of course have any money left.
  • do your make up or nails
  • grab a bite – got 110 czk voucher (£3) from Wizz Air. Well not much you can get for that, but better than nothing!
  • have a drink – it will cheer you up, and who knows maybe you will chat to someone at the bar :)
  • read emails, book, magazine
  • call your parents
  • great time to check all your social media
  • Netflix – if there is any Wifi available. Netflix is a best account ever – as you can use it even abroad! Check where is Netflix available here. LOVE it!
  • listen to your music
  • play games on your phone – that’s why you should always have some installed, even if you are not an everyday player! :)
  • chat online – so you can take all your frustration out, your friends will always cheer you up!
  • plan your holidays
  • share your experience on Twitter – who knows maybe you will get a refund for all your troubles.

All passages got a voucher worth – 110 czk (5euro). I had nice hot bowl of Gulash soup. Not sure its proper refund for 3 hours of my life. And all those troubles with missed meetings, London transport & accommodation rearranging by phone. Simply annoying.



Last chance to have a typical local drink or two :)

Last chance to have a typical local drink or two :)

Flight delay 3 hrs+? That’s annoying.

I had no idea there is a 3 hrs+ refund rule in flying business. MyFlightWasDelayed & Claim 4 Flights contacted me via Twitter. They claimed to fight for my refund, worth of £175. One form, one signature, sit tight & wait for the result. Fees? No win no fee! So fingers crossed. Will keep you updated on the progress & results of this delay adventure…

Managed to find few more companies: RefundMe; FlightRight; Flight-delayed; GoPoGo. Check them out.

A week later – I got the email: “…We have examined in some detail the circumstances of your claim and, whilst we cannot offer legal advice, we believe that the circumstances really were extraordinary and beyond the airline’s control, and that compensation under EU Regulation 261 would therefore not be due…” Haha so if there will be a bit of melting snow tomorrow – it perfectly fine if it affects your flight a day later :D Great! But at least I tried :)



At the end…

… I arrived to the London Luton airport around midnight… instead of 8pm, there were no available airport transfer buses, so I took a taxi instead – correction I took Uber. Thanks to this amazing app I didn’t spend all my money & half of the night on travelling! Fantastic service! Get the Uber app NOW!

Also don’t forget to check a baggage size allowances before you flight here.

Wish you lot’s of on-time flights & happy travelling! See you soon. Xxx

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  1. Clarke Barry says

    Longer flight delays are very frustrating and annoying at the same time for passengers. Not everyone enjoys waiting at the airport when delayed. This blog tells you exactly how you can survive the delay as well as enjoy while you are waiting. Also about claiming cash compensation for flight delays, the compensation amount varies on the distance that you travel. All of this is governed by the EC Regulation 261/2004 (commonly known as Air Passenger Rights). Readers might want to know more about the EC Regulation: Check it out! Keep up the good work. Cheers!

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